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Monday, January 12, 2009


Reborn doll maker arrested on cocaine charges
Posted by Pheme 

on January 12th, 2009 

and filed under Reborn News -  

Written as a Joke about Reborn dolls

MILTON, FL – A Santa Rosa woman is being held on suspicion of international drug trafficking at the Milton Police Department. Wanda Achers was arrested Sunday night after a search warrant led to the recovery of $25,574, 1.5 kilos of cocaine, and 12 collector’s “reborn” dolls filled with cocaine, ready for sale.
This is the third in a recent series of arrests that focus on the use of children’s toys in the trafficking of cocaine. “We have been suspicious of these types of dolls for some time now,” said DEA Special Agent Bartholomew Halston. “Any internet doll sale that yields more than $900 goes onto our watch list. We’ve compiled quite a lengthy list over the last five years, but very few leads actually result in an arrest.” Halston says he is always surprised that someone is willing to pay up to $1000, sometimes more, for a plastic doll, but is relieved that most dolls are not filled with cocaine.
Reborn dolls are created from vinyl kits that have been painted to look exceptionally realistic and are popular among collectors. Ultra-fine glass granules are often used to fill the hollow limbs of the dolls to add a genuine weight and feel to the finished product. The limbs make an excellent receptacle for storing and shipping drugs.
Halston says he became suspicious of Achers after she sold a doll, which he described as “thoroughly average” for an astonishing $26,000. “I believe an artist should be well-compensated for their craft, but when a doll that looks like it has been painted by a child sells for that amount, an investigation is more than
Halston wants to send a clear message to other housewives and homemakers who might be considering using Ebay and other internet auction spots as a way to peddle illicit material. “Look, we’ve seen it all, hashish oil in perfume bottles, MDMA in bubble gum dispensers, and doll babies filled with coke and heroin. There’s nothing you can think of [to sell drugs] that won’t get you caught.”
Also found during the raid was a large stack of cease and desist letters written on phony legal letterhead, but officials are not ready to relate the findings to drug activity. “It seems Ms. Achers was angry at a lot of different internet people, and was trying to name some of them in defamation lawsuits,” commented Halston. “It’s possible that the people named in the bogus lawsuits are those who notified the DEA about her drug dealings in the first place. We’re looking into it.”