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Friday, May 16, 2014

MILO HAS ARRIVED and he came with a delightful surprise!!

so milo showed up 3 days after i purchased him on ebay.
and i opened him up and took some pics and posted them to my Facebook page.

but i promised to share his work in progress pictures online, for his seller, she was very nice and we had  a great chat back and forth while i was waiting for him to show up. she doesnt have social network, so she wont be able to see any works in progresss of him as i do him.
and since i like to blog about my babies anyway, i thought id  blog his progress as well as post the same images on my facebook page for him.

so, i open the box, and saw that folder, figured that was just paperwork, like the invoice for the purchase. didnt really pay much attention to it, because i was looking for him in the box, to make sure he was alright, and all there.

i lifted that folder up, and saw a small manilla  envelope under it.

she had asked me if i would want something free in his package, and i said sure if she felt like she wanted to add it, so i assumed that was the item..
i had at that time opened the folder, assuming the material was the invoice, and i looked at the note, and lifted that manilla envelope up, and was so suprised to see a TUTORIAL i have been wanting!

i nearly broke down in tears, because this individual has no idea i really am looking for any and all tutorials i can find, and i was given this one for free came with the device to help make those sweet baby bubbles on a reborn

sorry about that crappy pic i took of the printed image...its jsut am aimage that shows a close up of the mouth with those bubbles you can make...the device also has a solution to make the bubbles.
i thought that was a great gift!

onto milo, lol
i looked and saw him in his bag and then opened him up, and true to me, took pics of all his limbs and  things, because i think ppl like to see a kit blank, i know i do, because you can take that blank and show how much different it looks when youve reborned it.
so these are those images:

so, this is milo, hes Andrea Websters Regular baby boy. im also making her a zombie for a book shes writing, as well as to be on the cover of the book itself (shes going to dedicate that book to me) but milo is that zombies twin sibling, and not a zombie.

i wantd her to have a regular doll if she ever wanted to take him out and about, maybe to buy him clothes or something, and not have ppl stare at her with crazy looks, lol

so hes gonna have brown hair, brown eyes.
and i WILL have updates about him in this blog.
so, if your interested in watching his progress, keep tuned, sign up for email from here, or connect to me on Facebook.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

MILO has been shipped..and on his way to me

so, this kit has been the ever elusive kit to find and i was fortunate enough to have it locked in my ebay as a notice and had the chance to get it.

i was concerned at 1st about the payment, because when i opened up MY ebay, it showed craigs account for paypal there.
i swapped it, or thought i did, and it went direct to a thank you for your purchase i didnt even get to make sure the data was correct.

so i emailed the seller, and asked them to make sure on their end the money had cleared because it took thr weeknd for it to appear on my end.
and it had. i sent the money from my card, through my paypal, and it hit her account.

so, milo was shipped yesterday...
and is in route to me today.

May 11, 2014 || Electronic Shipping Info Received 
May 12, 2014 , 3:33 pm
|| Acceptance
|| TAVARES, FL 32778     
May 13, 2014 , 12:54 am
|| Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility
|| ORLANDO, FL 32824 
so, hes in route to me.
takes about 3 days for me to get anything, so im expecting him by wednesday, altho i dont see anywhere on USPS his due date displayed. i am, however signed up for email notices, so ill have those sent when ever he hits a location and gets scanned in, love that were all digital now. 

in the conversation i had with the seller, she expressed shed like to see updates of his progress, i told her that was no issue, because ill be posting pics as i go on my Facebook page, she doesnt have social media. so she wont be able to see them.

i tried to send her my email, but ebay was dumb and wouldnt let any variation of what i treid to send go to her..she did the same, with the same results back to me, it was a fail for emaisl to be shared (dumb, really)

pretty sure if i sent her this blog link, ebay would say it cant be shared as ill just have to send all my updated images to her via FB..watermarking them, of course.
i let NOTHING go public without a watermakr, one thats nearly invisiable, and one thats obvious.

if, for any reason, and i dont thinks hed do it herself, but you cant ever be too careful, my images get up on the web and someone trie to claim they have MY work in THEIR hands, thats gonna be a flat-out lie, because MILO is andreas  regular reborn.
and ill know, so i watermark, for that reason. to keep MY images safe and under MY control.

so we;ll be updating on my Fabebook page for this side of my dolls as well as here, if your not connected. 

in another note, my MICHELLE kit i wanted, wasnt ever purchased, it went back up for sale and  at the sellers original rate.
if i can manage to get the cash before anyone esle buys her, ill get her, but i know my luck, because i have an interest, shell be bought by someone else, heck she may already be i havent gone to go look today, lol

shes being sold, online by a retailer for 109.00
if i could get her at that discount price of 79.00 + shipping (13.00) =(92.00) doesnt seem like a huge discount, but its enough)
its good to know when i want this kit its still online, i thought it had been discontinued.

on this note. the site i buy most of my kits from has announced they are relaesing (and i have no idea the price they will be for) REALISTIC REBORNS,they call : REALBORNS
hers a sample of the opene eysed kit they showed:

i can see any of these realistic one selling like hotcakes and being VERY in demand, i cannot wait for these to be produced and see what they will be like and ALL the renditions of them from all the artists. SO EXCITED!
theres a sleeping version of this kit as well, cant seem to find that picture...FOUND IT!
i do, intend to have both of these kits, simply because they are so realisitc looking.
and i like the TWIN factor.

looking at them they look like they would make great biracial dollies as well.

a bit about how they are created, which i find facinating, because were stepping away from  molders who pour the kits and then ship, were going to be abkle to make these almost on demand now, of course the sculpt is created at the factory, and then shipped off to be poured, so were still at that stage, but with enough advancement and technology, i can see, in the near future (20 years, maybe even 10) creating these kits on demand, right at the factory.
Created by the Master's Hands
Bountiful Baby introduces the first ever Realborn® Babies.

A Realborn® is a Real Baby Replica, created directly from computer photometric scans of a precious real newborn baby. The beauty, innocence and soul of the newborn child is captured like never before in these stunning, heaven sent creations-- the most beautiful and perfect canvas ever offered to the reborn world!
Virtually every sweet baby fold, wrinkle and crease of the head, ears, eyes, nose, fingers, feet, and toes are captured with this technology. Then small details are carefully checked to assure the detail will transfer over beautifully into the vinyl. Then a 3D prototype print is created using one of the highest resolution 3D printers on the market today. From the 3d prototype print, the molds for the most perfect reborn artists' canvas (the Realborn® vinyl doll parts) are created.
cant wait, so excited!!


i am noticing, more and more kits being made, or made into, Down Syndrome babies/toddlers! \

and i cannot express my thrill about that idea.

it may have started at some point, seriously wiuth Kathryn Shefers sculpt she was making into a kit, i had put some money as a pre-order on it, hoped it would come to be, but her sculpt got ruined and the idea went by the wayside, i do hope she rethinks that and deideds to put out, for the most part a very authentic looking kit, the others just lack in the realism of what a DS baby/ child looks like, but hers..were spot on.

she did the sculpt from one of her daughters baby pics, her oldest has DS.

Kathryn Sheafers work. her original sculpt of her oldest daughter as an infant.
when she lost that sculpt, i never heard much more about it.
always loved the idea if ppl could take a standard sculpt and convert it, which some ppl have.
if the sculpt had yes that were not traditinal, and almond shaped, some would give the kit a go, and some actually can pass as a good attempt at a DS baby/ child, and others, while they are called such, lack that "look"

so heres some examples:

 this kit is supposed to be a DS baby...has a slight slant to the eyes and the tongue is poking out. if its painted and rooted it may have more of the characteristics of a DS child. good sculpt tho, cant remember whos it is. (sorry about that)
 this is a doll, and was converted into a DS baby, and for the most part, passes to me, if i had to guess, id say this was a DS baby, no problem,
this is a kit, on pre-order thats also being mentioned as a DS baby. im not seeing it, to be honest. cute kit tho, but doesnt have that DS qulaity...

and this kit, has passed by my feed on facebook, and is also noted as a DS baby...
"jenny" sculpt by Alecia Toner

again, just not seeing it.

but i do applaude those who are on that creative streak where the move is to show that anyone can be loved in any sculpt. EVERYONE has the same right to be depicted and made into a dream baby.

this doll is by far the closest i have seen as a DS child, besides Kathryns sculpt that never came to be:
work by Evon Nather (reborn artist)

by the way, SAME baby as i showed above wrapped in a blanket.

as you can see from the before and was just a doll...but the artist saw something different in that sculpt and created pure magic!
and i love it!

i need to know that sculpt (doll) so i can try to find some and maybe do my own, or..wait for that PERFECT LOOKING DS kit to come along (kathryn, id love to have your kit! just saying)