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Saturday, May 10, 2014


not my work, another reborn artists work

not to long ago i wanted to give andrea another doll, besides the zombie doll im still making for her for the inspiration for her  zombie book shes writting, that i inspired, ill post screen captures of her saying that along with links to her blogs about it...

so i asked her if shed want a normal baby...
she said yes and decide don the MILO kit, well nsince im fronting all the cash to make these dolls it takes me longer to get them because i have to rely on my own funds to get everything.

i saw a post not long ago from another artist who made the MILO kit into a zombie expressing her dismay that she didnt see them on the site i buy most of my kits from, so i went to go look and sure enough, MILO was discontinued!!!
and i had to go tell andrea this sad news.

so we went and decide don another kit (of which i cant even remember anymore)

so, sisnce then i have had my ebay notifying me of any MILO kits for sale if they hapoen to pop up.

one did about 3 weeks ago, told craig about it, said it was discontinued kit, was at a decent price, was wairting all day to see if hed tell me i could get it, and he never did he got home and..kit was sold.

so im looking through email to get my day started i saw i had a kit available for myself...i have been wanting a kit thats out called MICHELLE (yes, partly because we share the same name, shes currently, right now the ONLY kit im aware of that carries my name, so thats a bonus) and..shes got that fresh newborn look...iand open she pops up..and i almost purchased her...almost.

decided to continue on with my email, and saw ebay had sent me a notice that there was an avaible i shared this info with andrea..
and decided to goahead and purchase him, his rate was really reasonable.

so i wont be getting my precious MICHELLE kit, and sacrificed her to allow myself to get MILO for andrea.

not my work, this is another reborn artists work

not my work, another reborn artists work

slight back story...

MILO (or conner to andrea), is a twin to her character, in her zombie book, named ROSE MARIE,

Rose Marie is the zombie, and made from the ELLIOT kit  while Conner isnt. 
not my work, this is another artists work.

rose maries kit is a preemie sized kit
conners is a regular newborn, so the size difference in them is going to be quite noticble.

but they are her babies and i doubt shell care as they are both independant of each other.
so, the sale on ebay said that by may 15 (?) i believe id have  MILO in hand...

she wants him to have brown hair, brown eyes.
i also need to get him a cloth body as well, shes getting him clothes all ready, and i, of course will hand him over with a slew of objects myself. because  every doll regardless of cost, should come with a bunch of different things as a welcome home for mamma.

so, ill soon be working on him, and have updated images as work progresses for him as im working him.. may even have a few of andrea as she sees him and can hold him as i will be surrogate to him in the process.

why am i doing this? and for free?
shes dedicating that zombie book to me, and her Rose Marie will be on the cover of said book, and...somewhere on the book will be my doll pages for ppl to go and see. by then maybe ill even have web pages set up for ppl to go and check out, cause id LOVE to be able to display that book cover on a single page for that doll, and show ppl what the doll itself actually looks like off the cover, and even have pics of Rose Marie WITH her mother, the author, Andrea Webster.

heres her blog she did this am about this kit purchase:
the link for her blog post can be found HERE.
if youd like to follow her and  want to know more about andrea, her blog address is : .
or click HERE and be directed straight to her blog.

she has a couple of books up on amazon right now as well.
BETRAYAL : The Addiction
(on amazon as a paperback as well as on kindle (for all smart devices as well as PC, download the app to almost anything to be able to read these digitally)

this book can be found HERE for purchase through

and her second book is:
THE BETRAYAL: The Beginning
again in both paperback and kindle app released.
you can purchase that one HERE, through amazon/kindle.

im sure shed appreciate the purchases. :)

its quite an honor to have a book dedicated to you, because you inspired it, so for that alone, shes getting a doll for the book, and because i dont want her looking like a freak if she takes a dolly out (like so may reborn artists and collectors do) i wanted to give her a real looking baby for those days and times she may want to  express motherhood to the rest of the world.

with that being said, i shall end this blog.
be looking for updates as they come.

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