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Monday, October 31, 2011

Baby Reborn Dolls – Pointers to Keep under Consideration

Monday, October 31st, 2011
There are a large amount of brands of dolls today which are being acquired by folk because they seem like real babies. One of the makers of these kinds of dolls is Ashton Drake and the line of dolls that they have that is sought after by a large amount of doll collectors today is known as So Truly Real Baby Dolls.
These sorts of dolls resemble real babies that mostly people would basically mistake them for the genuine ones. One of the things that make them as lifelike as they are is their skin. When you touch the skin of the doll that belong to the line of dolls by Ashton Drake discussed on top you would be fascinated on precisely how well it mimics the real texture of an infant's skin.
If you're planning to purchase a lifelike doll soon keep in mind that although they do not need the same attention as a real baby would there are things you also must take note of in order for you to maintain its quality and extend its lifespan.
Keep under consideration that you do not have to hide the doll from the world to keep it safe and maximise its long-term value. There are simply certain ways in which you can store and display your doll which would decrease the aptitude for damage while not having to cut back the amount that you utilize it. One of the basic things you want to take note of is to keep it away from bright sunlight.
Although they may look good outside the heat from the sun can damage them and make their colour fade quicker. F you have a collection of dolls you want to display with your So Truly Ashton Drake doll you should buy an antique pram or a completely unique cabinet where you can store and display them at the same time. Just make absolutely certain the unit isn't made to accrue moisture since it can damage your doll after a certain period of time.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


THERE is only one real baby in this photo. The others are dolls.

One of these bubs is real - which one?

The others are dolls, yet so lifelike they have resulted in passers-by breaking car windows on hot days amid fears they are real and could be in danger.
Marie Gabrieel, of St Agnes, and Ros Fanning, 57, of Holden Hill, make the dolls and often take them to nursing homes.
"We have seen the soothing affect our dolls have on dementia patients," Mrs Gabrieel, 54, said.
"You can't help but start rocking or patting the `reborn' babies, even when you know it's a doll. It's a natural instinct that just takes over.
"Ros and I are happy to know our dolls are giving comfort to the elderly."
Mrs Gabrieel started making the dolls three years ago.

"When I bought my first two on eBay, it was the start of something big," she said.
"The reactions people had to these dolls when we showed them was truly amazing."
Making `reborns' involves buying the head - made out of vinyl - and then spending hours painting it and adding mohair, attaching a material body the same weight of a real baby and dressing them to make them look real.
And, for the record, the real baby - four-month-old Alanah - is on the right wearing the pink bow.


Are Reborn Dolls Just For the Big Girls Or Are They Suitable For Children?
29 Oct

Most reborn doll accumulators and makers believe that reborn baby dolls should no longer suitable for children as they’ll injury them and they are in level of fact a accumulate or’s item (although they do throw in about small phases and choking hazards on occasion). I disagree that reborn dolls are best completely for grownups and suppose they should be shared with careful professionalspective ‘little moms’. If your daughter is over 5, really loves her baby dolls and takes care of them, then the right reborn shall be just effective for her. Reborn dolls may also be sparsely dressed and redressed and napped and recapped.

After investing the money on buying any such doll (which won’t be cheap) for your daughter it needs to be provided an explanation forced to her that this can also be a unique baby that wants extra care and deal with similar to an actual baby (not dragged across the backyard in a toy wheelbarrow). They normally remember this even from age for, because they feel and look very ritualistic. Most small girls who love their dolls do take care with them.

Despite what you hear reborn dolls can take a bit of tough treatment. A material body is definitely fastened and a limb that might be come indifferent from the physique is easily reattached. I suggest that once play visitors come over and the best possible manner they are going to handle dolls is unsure, that the ‘special dolls’ can additionally be popped on the parent’s bed for safe keeping. Right here they could also be ready to be visited for ‘showing off’ relatively than performed with intensely.

Words of caution preserve them far from the dog they can chunk them up irreparably! and pens are an absolute enemy of vinyl it sinks in and that is irreparable. I additionally recommend that you simply give a professional for that baby can’t get moist, won’t consume real meals and can’t drink water or anything from a bottle.

What’s the applicable reborn?
Full newborn sized reborn of 21 or 22 inches and above are reasonably big for a kid below say 8 to deal with and I’d advocate a premise sized baby for this age team. They want additionally to be correctly weighted now not too heavy, just sand up to say a third of the limbs, a small bag of glass beads within the physique and smaller one in the head is sufficient. Additionally the load within the head should be decrease close to the neck so it doesn’t flop an excessive quantity of.

A painted head is a in level of fact good idea it makes the doll far more affordable and much less in a position to be damaged. An excellent component of the time invested through an artist is related to the micro-rooting of the dolls head one to 2 hairs at a time. Therefore a painted head baby should be much cheaper.

mohair has a tendency to mat and will also be pulled out, so gentle therapy is required. If the doll doesn’t have rooted hair then there’s much less likelihood that is additionally damaged. Dolls with hand-blown glass eyes are extra susceptible to harm and not probably to be suitable for underneath 10 yr previous. Extra affordable sculpts are also appropriate so the final doll is extra inexpensive. along with all this, if the reborn dolls are truly your daughters (nudge wink) it makes it so much more uncomplicated so that you just can accumulate them without being wondered about why you’re gathering so many of them.

Properly cared for (but still ‘loved’ intensely) your little mummy can move her reborn dolls onto her daughter fairly intact. in case your little mummy out grows her ‘babies’ then please wrap them in acid free paper and pa them in a box for storage for her. She will ask for them for her daughter one day (if she is lucky sufficient to have one). In any other case that you must just pop them on your bed to retailer tons of for her for the long run.

ten red toes reborn nursery is situated in Brisbane australia. I’m the nursery’s reborn artist, Julie Mitchell. If you have by no imply viewed a reborn doll you’re going to be amazed at how actual they look!

Monday, October 24, 2011


Friday, November 25 · 12:00pm - 12:30pm

Kristy's Baby Creations Facebook Page

Created By

More Info
Please mail in a postcard or index card with your name and contact information. Only one entry per envelope will be accepted. The drawing will be at 12pm on November 25th. I will immediately post the results on my page. The winner will be responsible for shipping charges of $35 within the United States. The doll is valued at $450. Please mail all entries to:
Kristy Walker
2007 Gill Rd.
Dickinson, TX. 77539


Friday, October 21, 2011


as i struggle with what to do, and what to get, i am plugged in to recieve update emails on kits i want to see come back in.

and today as hubby and i are talking about the best route to go with  starting this, (1- going ahead and getting everything slowly/or 2-getting it all at once and supplying what i need as i run out) we came to the conclusion that hubby would stuff away about 40bucks a paycheck until i had enough cash together (and a full kit was available) to go that route, if not, ill have enough to put a serious dent in a  nice purchase anyway,,,

today i get the email that BYRONS been restocked...

and just that quick, hes gone just as fast....

missed him again, he sat there for a very long time the last time i wanted him, a few months actually, never budged until i saw his twin sisters (who i never saw much) show up and i felt i needed to grab them...
now, its his turn to play hide and seek....


hes gone again.
slipped through my hands.

i have to wait, again...



most people would never thing that buying stuff (as a female) would be difficult.

yet, this time it is.
i have set mysefl up for a timeline (of sorts) to begin working on my 1st doll by the start of 2012.
so i have only a few more paychecks to squeak in those items needed to begin when the new year rolls around.

ive reworked my items sheet 5 different times.
and every time, i come out with the thought that a FULL kit, meaning one that has most of the items in it id need, is really the best and economical way for me to go.
it comes out cheaper that way. and gets me a start, plus id have another kit to add to the 10 i currently have waiting, to at least start with.
problem: none of those kits are available.
problem: they are at the lowest 119.00. and we dont have 119.00 to invest to get me started. not right now anyway.
i am fortunate that i do have one kit (Paisley) whom i will be starting my portfolio with as a custom reborn of my son daniel.
i just need some supplies, and they dont come cheap.

i hate to miss the chance this paycheck to not get anything.
maybe i should take what id actually purchase with (money) and set it aside to save up for one of those full kits?

purchasing every item one at a time is almost rediculous. it would take me well into february (i think) to get everything i needed to start if i was working on a budget of 25.00 a check. thats 5 pay cycles.

and we have Christmas coming too.

im getting anxious to start.
to push this artist to a new level.
to see if i can work on a 3 dementional canvas, and bring a plain blank vinyl doll to lifelike proportions.

i really havnt a clue what to do...


Wednesday, October 19, 2011


 Cessnock woman wins Top Reborn at Newcastle doll show

19 Oct, 2011
Local ‘Reborning’ artist Judith Howard received the overall ‘Top Reborn’ trophy at the Newcastle Charity Doll Show held at Waratah on Saturday, October 1.Of her four entries in the Novice division, three received blue ribbons which means they each scored 90 percent or more, while the fourth won the blue rosette with a score of 93 per cent and ultimately received the ‘top reborn’ trophy which is judged across both novice and professional categories.
Judith has had a keen interest in the sewing craft since her school days and was inspired by her sisters, both of whom are certificated tailoresses and were employed at D’argreavel’s clothing and haberdashery store in Vincent Street during the 1940’s and 50’s. Her daughter Catherine is also a very keen seamstress holding an advanced certificate in fashion.
Judith joined the ‘Marthaville Craft Centre’ based ‘Wine Country Bears’ group in 2000 and attended a few classes in the art of bear making.
After winning many ‘Best Bear’ trophies, blue rosettes and blue ribbons at doll and bear shows, her interest turned to Reborning and over a number of years pursuing excellence in that craft in her Mount View studio, she has achieved her goal in winning the top award.
Though having won many awards for bears, the pinnacle of her craft achievements has been he winning of the Reborning trophy against all exhibitors, both novice and professional on her 51st wedding anniversary October 1.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Degree of difficulty: EASY

These instructions are for a  any size “onesie“. Just make the strips wider and longer.

You will need:
* A purchased 0-3 mo. white
* 6 coordinating fabrics, cut 9 work well for this)
* 2 yds. Flat crocheted lace
* white elastic thread (found in most fabric stores)
* Crocheted flower embellishment
”Onesie” Dress easy!
0-3 mo. size. You can adjust them for “onesie”, or the size and color you desire.
9” wide by 13” long. (fat quarters would
Step 1:
Using a pencil, lightly draw a straight line across the chest and back of the onesie, just below the arm seams. This will be your skirt placement line.

Step 2:
Cut each strip in half lengthwise. They should now measure 4.5”x13”. Decide what the order will be and then stack them up in order and place them in your lap. You should have 12 of them.

Step 3:
Serge or stitch one long edge of the first strip to one long edge of the second strip, right sides facing each other. Continue to stitch the strips together to make one long pieced panel. Now attach the first strip to the last to make a tube or circle. Turn right side out. Press.

Step 4:
Finish the top edge in a tight rolled edge with your serger, or if you don’t have one, press under a scant quarter inch around the top edge, and then press it under again to encase the raw edges. Stitch in place.
Serge the bottom edge in a regular serge stitch, or just press under a scant quarter inch. Now you can stitch on your crotched lace to the bottom edge. Turn under the end of the lace before stitching it down so the raw edge is concealed. Lap the ends.

Step 5:
Wind your bobbin by hand with the elastic thread, stretching it a little as you wind. Using a long stitch length, stitch around the top edge one half inch below the finished edge. Leave a few inches of
threads at the end before cutting them off. Now stitch again, 1/4” below the first stitching.

Step 6:
You will probably need to gather the skirt more so that it fit’s the onesie. To do this, pull up the elastic thread ends from the wrong side, and push the gathers along towards the center of the skirt, continuing to pull out more of the elastic thread. Careful not to break the thread! Check the size against the onesie to make sure it is close to the same width. When you have gathered the skirt up enough, Adjust the gathers evenly, and tie off the elastic thread well before trimming off the excess thread. Bring the top threads through to the
underside, and tie off as well.

Step 7:
Divide the top edge of the skirt in half, and mark each half point with a pin. Align the pins with the side seams of the onesie, at your pencil marking, and pin in place. Continue to pin the skirt to the onesie every 3 inches or so along your placement line. Now open the onesie at the bottom and slip it over the arm of your machine.
Begin stitching the skirt to the onesie along one of your gathering lines, using the elastic thread in your bobbin. This will allow the onesie to still have stretch around the chest when you are finished.

Step 8:
You are almost done! If desired, you can stitch some of your lace around the sleeve edges as I did. This is easiest if you turn the sleeve inside out so you can get your foot into the sleeve from the bottom
edge, and then just place the lace on the edge as you stitch around it. Make sure you begin and end at the underarm seam. Now all you have left is to stitch on your little flower embellishment.
Doing this by hand with a needle and thread is best. Yay!!! You are done! You have created a one-of-a-kind
little masterpiece for another one-of-a-kind little masterpiece! (the baby)

If you have any questions, you may email me at:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


i wanted Blinkin, but was only able to get Nod instead.
both NOD and BLINKIN both can come as either a boy or girl. so i had to decide which i wanted them to be.
luckily for me, NOD was available as a boy, when i can ill get BLINKIN as a girl.

do them both as twins.

DREW was a kit i thought resembled Daniel to some degree...
but as i examined him, i realized he wont be long enough to be Daniel.
so ill have to try another kit.



orangutan tutorial  
Binki Orangutan Tutorial

*Kit: Binki and tummy plate from bloomers*n*bows
*Assorted brushes: including but not limited to a fan brush and 5/0 liner brush
*Assorted sponges: including cosmetic wedges, large/medium textured sea sponge, s,m,l berry markers or paint & toss pouncers cut to various sizes
*bloomers*n*bows baby tones air dry paints in:
Pink Neutralizer
Baby tone base
Baby tone hi-lite
Indian cinnamon sienna
Soft black
Soft burnt umber
Rosy cheeks
Blue belly veil
Asian yellow ochre
Clear matte
Gel blending medium
Matte mix in concentrated paint base
Triple thick eye glaze
Paint thinner
*Tooth picks
*Paint Pallet
* 2 bowls clean water
*Old tea towels or paper towel (something to protect your work area)
*Gloves (minimum of 1 to wear on the hand you handle the kit with)
Old damp face cloth or small towel

Step 1:
Pink neutralizer (around the size of a pea) plus approximately 15 drops of thinner. Mix together well. Paint onto a cosmetics wedge, dab off any excess paint on the damp face cloth. Pounce the cosmetic wedge over the tummy plate, leave the paint to dry then compare to the colour of the kit. Repeat the wash until you are happy with the colour. The amount of layers needed will depend on how thin you have made your colour wash. It is better to have your colour wash on the thinner side as this keeps the colour translucent where as if your wash was thick to start with you may end up with a solid green looking tummy plate.
I used roughly 5 layers which neutralized most of the pink out of the tummy plate however did not make a perfect match with the kit.
*Note: It is not vital to have an exact colour match for the orang-utan as darker colours will be used later on and there will not be as much transparency as there is in a reborn baby.

Step 2:
Mix approximately 3 parts baby tones base with 1 part Indian cinnamon sienna plus 15 drops thinner. Paint onto a cosmetic wedge, dab off the excess and pounce all over the kit and tummy plate. Use a paint brush to paint the areas your sponge has trouble reaching eg, behind the ears and around the eyes etc. Clean creases/ wrinkles using a fan brush and or a tooth pick to avoid paint build up.

Step 3:
Place the tip of your brush in the blue belly veil so you only acquire a small amount of paint, mix with approximately 10 drops of thinner to make a very thin wash. Dip your brush into the real results blending gel and mix into the colour wash. Carefully paint the thin wash inside the mouth and over the tongue. Clean out any excess paint from creases and texturing on the tongue. There should be just a slight colour change

Step 4:
Repeat step 2 but do not paint the tummy plate. This will help match the colours

Step 5:
Before starting this layer have a look at some photos of baby orang-utans looking at their markings.
Mix Indian cinnamon sienna and a touch of soft burnt umber add 15 drops of thinner. Mix well and paint on to a cosmetics wedge, dab off any excess on the damp face cloth. Pounce onto the head avoiding the area around the eyes and mouth, and the ears blend the colour at the edges of these areas.
Pounce randomly on legs and tummy plate; this is where having looked at the photos comes in handy! Avoid painting the palms and soles.
Repeat this layer again
(this pic was take with flash on to show contrast between area around mouth and eyes to the rest of the head),

Step 6:
Mix soft burnt umber with a touch of Indian cinnamon sienna and 15-20 drops of thinner. Paint onto a cosmetic wedge and dab off the excess. Pounce over the head as in step 5 avoiding ears, eye and mouth area blending around these areas. Pounce on the limbs and tummy remembering to leave some lighter areas and leaving the palms and soles.
Repeat this step.
Remember to clean out creases with fan brush and or tooth pick after each layer.

Step 7:
As Step 6 using on soft burnt umber and 25 drops of thinner. Clean creases. Repeat once.

Step 8:
Using soft burnt umber add a touch of soft black, mix with 25 drops of thinner. Paint onto a textured kitchen sponge dab off the excess and roll onto the kit, again avoiding the eye /mouth & ear area etc.
Clean creases and repeat this layer overlapping the first layer.

Step 9:
Add 15 drops of thinner to rosy cheeks blush, dip brush into the real results blending gel and add the mix. Mix well wipe excess paint from your brush and paint into the mouth blending to the outside of the mouth. Let dry and repeat 3 to 4 times.

Step 10: 
 Add a small amount of nail bed and lip tint to the left over rosy cheeks mix. Paint mouth avoiding the lip areas where possible. Repeat until you are happy with the colour.

Step 11:
Mix soft black (about the size of half a pea) and 8 to 10 drops of thinner. Paint nails remembering to clean crease. Let dry and repeat 2 to 4 times depending on how dark you would like the nails.

Step 12:
Mix equal parts Indian cinnamon sienna and soft burnt umber with 20 drops of thinner paint in creases and blend well.
Step 13 is optional it will add 3d textured skin to your orang-utan

Step 13:
After inserting the eyes. Paint a medium thickness layer of matte mix in concentrate paint base on to the head (I have chosen only to do the top and front however you may choose to the whole head or a smaller area), Roll a medium to large textured sea sponge over the matte mix in concentrate on the top of the head, I used a kitchen sponge on the nose check and chin areas.
Repeat on the tummy also using kitchen sponge and on the out side of limbs, dab the excess matte mix in concentrate onto the inner arms to give just a touch of texture.
Leave to dry 24- 48 hours before starting any rooting. Time needed for drying will depend on how thick you have used the matte mix in concentrate.

*** please note in my “after photos” the medium appears more opaque than it actually is, however if you are worried about it drying opaque use a thinner layer or if you would like it to stand out and be more obvious you could add paint to the concentrate before you paint it onto you kit***

You are now ready to start rooting! I recommend again looking at photos of baby orang-utans and studying their hair growth patterns and hair growth direction.

Step 14:
Seal the mohair on the inside of your orang-utan. I used a bent pipe cleaner to get into the limbs. Seal the back of the tummy plate and place a piece of felt over the back. Leave to dry and then trim off any excess felt. If you would like the belly plate to be held securely in place you can now punch holes in the plate and attach ribbon which will be tied around the back of your orang-utan. Or if you only want the belly plate for posing when the orang-utan will be lying down you can simply just tuck it into the diaper without any need of ribbons to hold it in place.

Step 15:
If you would like to apply eye lashes to your orang-utan do so now by applying a thin line of craft or tacky clear drying glue along the strip and apply the eyelash, let dry for 5 mins the apply a drop of triple thick eye glaze to the eye and roll the eye, this will spread the eye glaze smoothly over the eye without any streaky brush marks being left behind. You can do both eyes at the same time or one at a time leaving 5-10mins of drying time between.

Step 16:
Its now time to weight and assemble your baby orang-utan