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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


 Good golly it's a dolly

Andrew Gibson • Published 5 Oct 2011

HEADS have been turning at a children's clothes shop recently as Lolly the baby confuses visitors.
The incredibly life-like "reborn doll", in Lollipop on Kilbowie Road, has been baffling shoppers as they try and work out if it is a real baby.
Creator Shirley Cameron, of Old Kilpatrick, has now made 10 of the specialist dolls as part of a time-consuming hobby which started as a way to please her granddaughter.
Reborn dolls are created by enthusiasts who order parts online and spend meticulous sessions painting veins, rooting mohair, inserting beating fake hearts and even making them sound like they are breathing.
The dolls have featured in the news often in the UK as police have smashed in parked car windows believing the reborn dolls inside to be real babies.
Shirley, 55, says she does not go to the same lengths as others in creating her dolls as it is more of a fun hobby than an obsession.
However after creating 10 of the expensively assembled toys she has now perfected a craft which stuns those who hold the end product.
She said: "It's only a hobby - I've made a few for friends and family.
"Lolly was given to Pamela for the shop so she could dress it up and help advertise the clothes.
"They are more collector's items, they're not for young children.
"It's amazing the comments you get - teenagers were going by the shop and looking at it thinking it was real.
"You see the reaction when they come into the shop, some people hold them and other people don't like them. They say they can't look at them - they feel it's a bit too real but not real.
"It's not taken seriously, it's just a bit of fun."

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