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Friday, October 7, 2011


i was gonna get BLINKIN and NOD today...and BLINKINs sold out!
NOD is still available. luckily for me, in the boy kit.
but BLINKIN is not.
so, now i have to figure out what im gonna order.

theres a new 6 inch kit available
well, new to me anyway.


might decide to get her along with CUTIE
and just the NOD kit. (boy)

i was planning on making these little 6 inchers into fairies and elves. i think theyd be so cute!
and the 10 inches BYRON, EMMA, KIRI into GNOMES.
have the idea all in my head. just have to figure out how to make clothes for a (oh, and FAIRIES/ELVES! lol)

or i may decide to get the DREW kit

the DREW kit reminds me of a friends baby. MASON B. his nose looked allot like DRWS does when he was born.
if i had my scanner, id scan the newborn baby pic i have of mason to show as a comparison.
all DREW would need is barely there whispy blond hair on his head and hed be an almost twin to Mason B.!

i dont think his moms all that crazy about dolls, so if i did do one of Mason, id have to keep it. just in case she ever decided shed want to have it for later on. so hed be one id keep. along with the protoype of my son Daniel, and the one im gonna do of myself as an infant.

of course, if i did allot of Masons, i could sell them and give masons mom some of the proceeds towards masons college, or future. ive considered similar with prototypes i want to scultp as well, talked to several new parents about the possibility of  selling a kit of their childs as a new infant and having some percentage of the proceeds go to some sort of trust fund for the child for later use.
im still deciding on that.
but if i dod do that, and was able to break into the market with a kit for others to purchase its only right to share some of the funds with the people whos child it is in the 1st place.
as well as the child themself.

so i tool around with that idea as well as how much to divide out of any sale for primate preservation.

i do allot of thinking.
so far still just waiting to get started, lol


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