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Friday, November 5, 2010


The Humanistic Value Of Reborn Dolls


Posted by Edward Spacey on Sep 5th, 2010

The process of creating reborn baby dolls like the Middleton dolls is not easy at all.  It needs the attention from a very creative artist who really knows how to sculpt real baby faces and mix the right color to get the skin tone of a real baby.  The skin of the doll, for example, is not evenly colored and is actually the result of repeated process of painting.  That is why you can see that a realistic doll doesn’t have an even skin tone because as normal human being, babies never had a perfect skin tone in the first place.
Due to the magnificence of a realistic doll, the demand for it becomes huge over time.  Many people would never notice the difference when looking at a reborn doll even from a close distance.  However, if someone told you that it is actually a doll, you may be surprised and may want to know whether the doll is breathing.  The marvellous thing about the doll is that you can actually fool people by making the doll breathe like normal babies.  It does not mean that you are giving real life to it, but you can actually make it look as if it is really breathing with the help of certain gadgets.
Ooak baby dolls can be very expensive and the price may go up to five thousand dollars per piece if it is very good in quality.  However, you can find cheaper versions of the realistic dolls and these are perfect to be given away as Christmas gifts.  If you are buying the doll for yourself, why not get the expensive version?  You’ll be glad that you order one because they can really make you feel like a real mother.  If you haven’t experienced changing diapers, feeding, bathing and humming lullabies for a baby, this is the right moment for you to do so even though it is just a realistic baby doll.