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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


i was able to get KIRI, but when i went to order her, the shipping rate discount wasnt going to apply unless i bought at least 25.00 worth of merchandise.

so, i thought id go ahead and get BYRON.

wouldnt you know it?! he went out of stock on me! all this time ive sat and watched him sit there and he never budged, the second i want him, hes not available!

so, i had to scour the area for anything else that would bump the price up enough to get that discount in shipping.

i decided id get the doe suede body as well, so ill have a body for one of these 10 inch babies.

that at least gets me a body, now so i have a platform for the art to actually sit on.

step by step into making something of a business out of this art form.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011


ive known a new paycheck was coming for some time.

decided the other day to do a cross research inside, by listing each baby by its order number, and retail value as well as the rate i can get it at.
and try to make some sort of sense out of an organized listing of these dolls.

so, as i was foing this, and finishing it up yesterday, because i knew today id get to buy another doll...
i noticed when ever craig gets paid, the former cheaper dolls, go up about 5 bucks...
and there were a ton of them that were lower than before...
but they allmost ALL had facial expressions, like crying, or they were babies that had closed eyes.

so, my heart wasnt really into getting any of them, none of them struck me as ones i absolutley HAD to have before the rate went back up again on them.

so, i gravitated towards KIRI, again. and noted she had actually, gone down in her rate from 2 weeks ago when i was wanting to get her, but put her off to get PAISLEY instead (who is now Out Of Stock).
so, im thinking ill get KIRI...which will give me 2 of the 4 ten inch babies. theres another one, but i see her even more rarely than the others that i see rarely. not sure shes ever gonna come back into market again.
but i DO have the chance to get KIRI. and i think i will.
im not to crazy about her expression tho, but, shes another doll i can practice on and work on and do, and sell..
i STILL need to get BYRON, but he seems to always be available.
maybe he wont get bumped in 2 weeks and hell be my next purchase.

so today im going to order the KIRI kit.


Saturday, September 10, 2011


 i couldnt resist this set for the price!
and it is hard enough to find anything basic in monkey, but i happened to luck upon this set (pants, shirt, and onsie) in a monkey theme.
there was the cutest GIRL set as well, in the same theme, but in pink colors. so cute.

so craig agreed to get it, its 2 outfits for the price of one.
ill use the onsie as a single outfit, with some socks, and shoes.
and the shirt and the pants as an outfit as well...

and lucky for me (if they are still there  when i go back) i found MONKEY socks on the sale isle in baby size too! i hope they are still there because i intend to get several pairs each time i go to stock up on them for my dolls.

heres the pics of the outfits.

arnt they the cutest bottoms? cant you imagine seeing that on a newborns bum? lol

i was thinking one of these outfits would be the one id use on the doll i make of Daniel...
oh! and IF this set is still available in the Girl outfits (Onsie, Shirt, Pants) ill be getting that as well on my next visit to walmart!


Friday, September 9, 2011


PAISLEY has arrived.
and my intention was to do a replica of my son Daniel as an infant
i had an incident when i posted this kit and the picture of my son on my facebook into a folder.
someone i dont know, im only connected to because of (ill assume) games, stole the image of my son just moments after i had posted it up in that folder on my Facebook account.

so, if you notice his forehead has some markings, on it, its because the image i now use, has watermark on it.

so, anyway, i bought that PAISLEY kit, in the hopes of making a reborn of my son Daniel as an infant.

theres another kit i saw that has a better facial expression...TORY

TORY has more the scowling forhead Daniel exibits in his baby pic. but his mouth isnt open.
PAISLEY has fuller lips than he had. and they are closed.

i REALLY think TORY is a better match for a prototype of Daniel. and eventually ill get that kit.

of course, i may decide that PAISLEY is right once i see those grey/blue yes in the head. making the head look that much more real.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011


i have been looking at some reborn artists on youtube .com, to see how to do different things on reborns. and i thought, maybe i should make ANOTHER youtube channel, for my own reborn dolls, as well as "favorite" others videos. Capture and upload some others videos, and show case my own work as well through video.

again, i come to the name of this channel as the starting point.

 if i got really good, i could show techniques ive used, and have a HOW-TO do this or that kinda feel, as well as a showplace in video format of the dolls im making, can even use it for stills and make slide shows of the progression of a doll from a blank to a reborn.

id really like it to be able to show all the other videos (for now, anyway) and have a place for them all to be for the different aspects you do to create a doll...

i have to give it some more thought before i decide to go into that as an avenue.



i just got email confirmation that PAISLEY has been shipped.
so i should see her within the next few days. so excited! i cant wait!

ill have her on standby as i STILL need to get the body, neck flange/ties, paint, brushes, rooting tools, mohair, eyes, to even start any of the kits i have at present.

it will be good that i have her tho, because she will be Daniel when completed.

i really need to get my web page up...if i could decide on a name for it.

i cant decide if i want WitandWhimzy .com
ForeverBabies .com
WhitandWhimzy. com/ForeverBabies

i want to somehow tie in the fact that allot of my dolls will be primate reborns.
but also human replicas as well.
so not to push people away from the discovery of my work because they may think all i do is one or the other..when the objective is to make sure i cover them both and represent them both as art works.


Monday, September 5, 2011


i was at hobby lobby a while 2, maybe 3 months ago. getting supplies for a youtube cooking channel im a part of with a very good friend of mine...

and when i go by the easles, i always drool over them...wishing i had one, so i could paint again.

but in the same area, under the display is a display of craft and drafting tables as well.

and i knew the last time i was there i was going to be needing some kind of "table" for a craft area to make these babies on. as well as store the supplies to make them.

so, tonight, i was bored and i went looking for one of those craft tables...on
i can remember looking at one and thinking, "this would do." but looking again, i doubt
so i looked online for anything in a craft table...

and i kept seeing THIS kind of design.

i also went and  looked for do-it-yourself craft desks, and also, again, came across the same idea, over and over and over again...

the basic idea is 2 small book cases and some kind of board across them for the desk.
simple, cheep, and i think i can do this...

walmart has 2 shelves available (i can see from online, anyway)
this one for 15.00
and this one for 20.00
i really need to go look at them, and see if some plastic bins with lids would fit on them, as well as a baby bottle dry rack...
this would hold various parts of the kits. heads, limbs, whatever.
another would hold all the painting supplies.
another all the fill supplies (if i can get it in there, stuffing is kinda bulky)

another idea i have, as im looking for plastic bins/containers is to use this (have 2 of them)
Dimensions: 15.25"L x 21.75"W x 24"H

with a shelf, or board across the tops of them, im just not sure how sturdy that would be in the long run.
i like the depth of the draws, because that can hold allot, and they are clear, so i can easily see whats in them, for quick retrieval...

reading reviews on allot of people said you shouldnt put anything heavy on this (im not sure they were thinking like i am with 2 of them and distributing the weight across both of them) because they say the drawers buckle and become difficult to pull out.

i also remembered that OFFICE DEPOT has a storage unit in plastic, so i went to go look at it.
what i like about this is the fact theres 2 deep bins and 2 shallow ones, so all my smaller things would go in the shallow drawers, and all my larger things would go in the deeper ones.
sells for 22.00 for just one tho.

ill have to go and size these up sometime soon, so i can have my desk ready for me when i start this venture.
im actually running out of space on my shelf as it is, since i own  5 kits at present with a 6th arriving soon.

if i have something to put this in, and its handy, and available then i can free up that space on my shelf for other stuff...

so, my next big purchase will be some kind of utilizing craft storage area so ill be able to start and house my kits as i work on them.


Sunday, September 4, 2011


well, i waited too long, and my next kit i was in line to get was KIRI, and shes ...*sigh* OUT OF STOCK...
BYRON, as stated in several other posts, STILL resides safe and secure in the numbers.

i was telling my husband about the fact that KIRI went OUT OF STOCK on me, but i had the availibility to get the 2 6 inch dolls (complete, with body, and already painted) AND BYRON, for the same cost as BYRON and KIRI would have been together...
i got no response from him (lol)

so, i also remembered i had gone through the list (the entire selection of available and out of stock kits on and saw there were 2 kits that were over 60% marked down.

went too see if they were still available, and they are, with a VERY HIGH SELLOUT RISK on them both..

one was: KINSEY

and the other (which i chose to get) is : PAISLEY

this is one of the kits i was hoping to get to fashion into a resemblance of my son when he was an infant.

very close in resemblance in my mind.

so, the kit will be here within the week, i suppose.
cant wait! shes my 1st REAL baby kit ill have. SO EXCITED!

im thinking ill keep my Daniel baby. because it memorializes him as an infant. perhaps if he has a little girl, when shes old enough to respect the doll as an art piece and NOT A TOY...ill give the doll to her too keep of her father. hmm, not sure what to do if he has more than one, im an only child, so is he, i dont think in multiples...but it is a

i guess, ill just have to make more...

the ones i keep, are what i call: PORTFOLIO BABIES...ones im working up for my online portfolio so i can show my work, and abilities.

ALL the babies would be that, but the ones that i want too keep will also be live (not as in living) but as in REALITY live displays of my work for shows and stuff...

now i need to think about an outfit for my CUSTOM baby of daniel...something MONKEY (of course)


Thursday, September 1, 2011


Fits 4 to 6 lbs.  Interlock knit works best for these sleepers.

Sew shoulder seams.

Sew ribbing on sleeves.

With facing folded back 1" wrong sides, to wrong sides, overlapping facing at crotch 1".

Pin front sleeper, sew crotch.

Sew ribbing legs (or ankles).

Matching sleeve hems, underarm seams, sew side seam from sleeve to foot, repeat other side.

Fold 3 inch ribbing in half lengthwise and then widthwise. Trim center front ribbing widths to 1/4", tapering to full width at center back.  (foldline is center back and raw edges are center fronts).

Unfold ribbing widthwise and divide ribbing into four equal sections.

Mark sections with three pins.

Divide sleeper neck into four equal section and mark with two pins - center back seam need not be marked with a pin.

With right sides together, pin raw edges of ribbing to sleeper neckline, matching pins and center back seam.  Center front ribbing ends should be 1" in from front seamline.

Fold facing over ribbing covering ribbing ends.

Pin. Stitch, stretching ribbing to fit sleeper neckline.  Trim corners and turn right side out.

Sew three button and button holes down the front of sleeper opening.

You may also use snaps, sew-on snaps or Velcro. 

Lorrabelle's Gown
All seams are 1/4 ”. To gather pieces, use 1/8” and 1/4 ” seams .4 or 5 on machine stitch length. Read all directions before starting pattern.
Cut out gown pieces. Sew bodice pieces together. Clip neckline carefully to lay flat. Turn right side out and finger press. Embroider of trim bodice front through top layer only. Turn and press flat.
For the back of gown skirt, turn under 1” The whole length of the gown. Turn under 1/4 ” and press, leaving 3/4 ” seam. Sew down the length of the gown.
Gather all three skirt pieces. Pin front of skirt to bodice. Baste together and sew. Top layer only. Do the same with both back pieces.
Gather, pin, and baste sleeves to bodice. Top layer only. Sew. Add lace to the sleeve cuff and attach to gathered sleeve bottom. Pin and sew. Sew or serge whole length of gown, matching seams.
Turn gown inside out. Pin bottom layer of bodice to top layer. Do this front, backs, and around sleeves, hiding seams. Sew with tiny stitches. Turn cuffs up and sew.
Pin bottom of gown. Fold under 1” with 1/4 ” turned under. Match back seams, making sure they are the same length. Hem.
Cut two pieces 1/8” white ribbon, 9” long. Tack to back of bodice, about 1/4 ” from finished seam.

X-Small Boy's Gown
Note: This pattern can be used for infant girls by substituting a ribbon rose or bow for the neck tie.
Cut out pattern pieces. Embroider sleeves on marked lines. Turn under sleeve ends ¼” and sew. After sleeve is sewn to bodice, turn under cuff and sew with tiny stitches by hand, catching the embroidery lines so that you can't see stitches from the top.
Embroider outside collar line on bodice top only. Sew narrow bias to bodice front at waistline, before attaching the skirt. Gather skirt pieces and pin to bodice top. Turn outside length of skirt back under ¾”. Turn end under ¼” leaving ½” for hem. Press and sew all the way down.
After skirt is together, sew gathering lines on bottom of skirt, (2 rows). Pin sacque bottom to bottom of skirt and gather to fit. Sew together. Sew lining bottom to cover raw seams on the inside. Turn on right side. Tack right side of skirt to left side, 2 ½ “ up from sacque bottom. Cut two pieces of 1/8 ” ribbon, 9” long and tack on back of gown seam at neckline about ¼” in, on each side.
To make tie:
Use bias tape, 5 ½” long. Press flat. Turn short ends under ¼” and press. Bring corners down to form a peak. Turn left side under a scant ½” and press. Turn right side under a tiny bit and then again to form a seam line, and pin. Take tiny stitches all the way down by hand through back only to press again. Do not stretch. With right sides facing you, turn in half. Tack ½” down, right over left. Bring peak down to make what looks like a tie knot, and sew on back to secure. Tack to bodice where marked. Use the same color bias tape for the ties as you use at the waistline.

Preemie Hat Tutorial – Easy Sewing (this will be great with little baby socks i find with monkeys on them!)

First, start with a pair of fun-looking kids’ socks. I got these in the dollar section at Target.

Cut the socks at the ankle, right above the heel.

These are the parts you’ll be using.

Sometimes socks have a visual seam where the pattern is slightly jagged. If yours has that (you can see it in the sock in the background, near the edge), cut there. If not, cut wherever you want… lengthwise from your previous cut to the cuff of the sock.

So now you have two pieces that look like this

Put the two pieces together, right sides facing each other.

And zig-zag stitch up the sides. If you’re hand-sewing, a simple whip stitch will do.

If you want, you can flip the hat right side out and gather the top with a running stitch. You can cover the raw edge by adding a pom pom or some other embellishment.

But I didn’t do that. I zig-zagged over the top edge to make a rectangular hat.

Flip right side out.

Then basically you’re going to gather two little ears, by making a diagonal running stitch “cutting off” each corner.

Like this. Maybe an inch in from the corner, diagonally across to about an inch below the corner.

Pull tight, add a few back stitches to secure, knot and trim. Repeat on the other side to make the second “ear.”

You can leave it like that if you’d like. (this would look so cute if i could find a sock with a face of a monkey on it large enough to make the ear parts into...ears! )

Or add any embellishment you think looks nice.

Voila! Teeny hat for the smallest sweet girl.

Now you don’t want your hat recipient to get sick because of a germ introduced by your gift… so wash it on hot water and machine-dry it, then immediately put it into a ziploc bag so that nothing unintended makes it into the NICU.