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Monday, September 5, 2011


i was at hobby lobby a while 2, maybe 3 months ago. getting supplies for a youtube cooking channel im a part of with a very good friend of mine...

and when i go by the easles, i always drool over them...wishing i had one, so i could paint again.

but in the same area, under the display is a display of craft and drafting tables as well.

and i knew the last time i was there i was going to be needing some kind of "table" for a craft area to make these babies on. as well as store the supplies to make them.

so, tonight, i was bored and i went looking for one of those craft tables...on
i can remember looking at one and thinking, "this would do." but looking again, i doubt
so i looked online for anything in a craft table...

and i kept seeing THIS kind of design.

i also went and  looked for do-it-yourself craft desks, and also, again, came across the same idea, over and over and over again...

the basic idea is 2 small book cases and some kind of board across them for the desk.
simple, cheep, and i think i can do this...

walmart has 2 shelves available (i can see from online, anyway)
this one for 15.00
and this one for 20.00
i really need to go look at them, and see if some plastic bins with lids would fit on them, as well as a baby bottle dry rack...
this would hold various parts of the kits. heads, limbs, whatever.
another would hold all the painting supplies.
another all the fill supplies (if i can get it in there, stuffing is kinda bulky)

another idea i have, as im looking for plastic bins/containers is to use this (have 2 of them)
Dimensions: 15.25"L x 21.75"W x 24"H

with a shelf, or board across the tops of them, im just not sure how sturdy that would be in the long run.
i like the depth of the draws, because that can hold allot, and they are clear, so i can easily see whats in them, for quick retrieval...

reading reviews on allot of people said you shouldnt put anything heavy on this (im not sure they were thinking like i am with 2 of them and distributing the weight across both of them) because they say the drawers buckle and become difficult to pull out.

i also remembered that OFFICE DEPOT has a storage unit in plastic, so i went to go look at it.
what i like about this is the fact theres 2 deep bins and 2 shallow ones, so all my smaller things would go in the shallow drawers, and all my larger things would go in the deeper ones.
sells for 22.00 for just one tho.

ill have to go and size these up sometime soon, so i can have my desk ready for me when i start this venture.
im actually running out of space on my shelf as it is, since i own  5 kits at present with a 6th arriving soon.

if i have something to put this in, and its handy, and available then i can free up that space on my shelf for other stuff...

so, my next big purchase will be some kind of utilizing craft storage area so ill be able to start and house my kits as i work on them.


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