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Friday, October 7, 2011


ok, i did it, i went ahead and got NOD without his companion sister BLINKIN...(hated to do it that way, but she wasnt available. ) ill have too keep my eyes out for her again on the site grab her next go around shes avialible.

then as im sending off an email to hubby to inform him of the purchase price with shipping and its total, he sends me back an email telling i can get them all...

which of course would mean i have to add to that second order to get the shipping reduced...ARGH!

i told him if he says to get them id goahead, he needs to learn not to hesitate and just say yes or no, and let that be that.
not like they wont come back again. sheesh.

so, i doubt the retunr emails gonna say i can get those 2 6 inch kits..cause of the extra shipping.
i wouldnt want to anyway based on that alone. ill wait for another pay check.
pretty soon, im gonna have to start ordering supplies, like paints and bodies and wight beads and filler material to put these kits together.
i cant keep ordering them and just having them sit around and never be made.

i have to actually see if what i think i have the ability to do, CAN be done.

so, i think for the next few paychecks , i have to not purchase kits so much, christmas is coming and we want to be able to have some funds for my son.
so if i do get anything it will be the cheaper end of  materials needed, and ill start to stock up on those and have something to start off the new year with.

maybe by years end ill have some dolls i can sell at the next doll and train show and make a little extra cash...
would be nice.


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