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Wednesday, May 7, 2014


i have PRE-Ordered one of the most amazing ethnic kits i have ever laid eyes on..

his name is ASRIEL
Meaning: Helped by God; Led by God
Pronounced: (ASH ree el)

here some pics: 

 now, his artist (at this time) seems to be the ONLY one who has been able to paint him...this is her interpretation of him: 

and some of the pics i fell in love with him :

so, naturally...
knowing im getting this kit i had to consider coloring, and what to do, and what way i wanted to do it..and..wether asriel will be a boy, or a girl..

i talked with andrea, and we thought that a lighter bi-racial skin tone would look awesome on him...
so i ordered an e-book to help me achieve this coloring, because i think its just beautiful:
the ebook can be  paid for and downloaded from HERE
  o even asked the artist on a page i joined and she joined right behind me her thoughts on the skintone for this kit if i did it in this coloring and heres her response
 heres some skin tones along with eye color on real babies i  enjoyed looking at:

 i have tried to find that MORE African American look with the more Caucasian skin tone, and eye color...because i think thats strikingly beautiful as a combination.

so then andrea and i decided on a hazelish colored eye. brown/green, blue/green, green/ many choices.
i wanted a blue or green with brown around the iris 
these exmples come from Paboleyes.

i really like this eye color.

then, we have to deal with hair, which if a boy is going to be shorter than a gorls, cause if i make this kit into a girl, i want something to play with and  make pretty...
but a boy can be just simple..

so, i went back and forth on this as well..
 and i think either boy OR girl would look great with this Caucasian hair  more,

heres some examples i really like 

reborn doll by BROOK NICOLE

Reborn doll by: Cuddle Me Soft

reborn doll by Brook Nicole
Brook nicole is , to me, so far, the BEST AA reborn artist on the market. she captures  in every doll she does that beauty and coloring, and her rooting is impeccable. its so realistic, and truthfully, something spectacular to see, even if only in images. shes truthfully an inspiration to me, and id LOVE to be able to own one of her babies. 
if i could just root with the same look, id be happy...

oh to be a boy? or a girl? i just cant (of course he does come with a male belly plate, so that may be what he ends up being..

i need to find him some clothes.

Kit will include:

**Caucasian colored vinyl**

13'' head circumferance
3/4 arms and full legs.
Anatomically correct plate
flesh color cloth body

Eyes are 20 mm eyes. 

Head is 13'' diameter. 
Asriel is 20'' long with bent ''froggy'' legs and 22'' long if his legs were straight. (same as daniel when he was born, no wonder i like this kit, lol)

so, hell wear NEWBORN easy. but whats HIS theme? monkeys? Duckies? dinos? not sure...
i have a TON of monkey sleepers, but i want him in little jumpers, and things, so we can see his legs, and feet and stuff..., short sleeves so we can see his arms. 

*sigh* waiting for him to come so i can pay him off, is killing me, lol


  1. Please I Need urgently the Kit Asriel or the reborned Baby Asriel awake please or asleep
    But awake is bettet

  2. Please I Need urgently the Kit Asriel or the reborned Baby Asriel awake please or asleep
    But awake is bettet