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Friday, July 18, 2008


Creepy or Adorable, Reborn Baby Dolls Spark Controversy

By Wendy Cook 

Jul 18, 2008

Are Reborn baby dolls creepy little items or are they just adorable life-like dolls that just happen to look exactly like little babies. Reborn Baby Dolls are a big hit for many people that use them for a variety of purposes and they are even being called a cult item. One report from ABC News notes that the dolls have become very popular to some private collectors and the report adds that some nostalgic grandparents and grieving parents are using them as well.

That's what many will consider creepy. Will there soon be little celebrity baby look-alikes for the Angelina jolie and Brad Pitt babies? That's not clear yet but that might make it even a bit more scary. The little dolls are so life-like and look so real they have even sparked some controversy and some police action in Australia where cops rescued a doll from a locked car as they believed that it was a real baby that was in trouble.

An earlier report from Lynda Johnson noted that Fox News reported that nearly the same thing happened here in America as well. According to a report from the news service police trying to rescue a "baby" that turned out to be a doll belonging to the owner's wife broke a window of a new Hummer to save the "child." Thankfully it wasn't a baby and that one turned out to be a doll as well.

photos of the little life-like babies that were rescued in Australia. A report from the daily Record of the UK notes that every effort is made to make them seems so real including are noting that the dolls are painted several times to create the mottled color of newborn skin, have mohair hair and eyelashes and are weighted to make them feel as heavy as human babies. What do you think of the life like dolls?

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