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Thursday, November 3, 2011


The German reborn doll artist Beatrix Schröder has been nominated for 2 Colliii Awards in 2011. Watch her at work and find out more about her in this exclusive interview...

Beatrix Schröder Congratulations on your nomination. What motivated you to take part in this years Colliii Awards?

Beatrix Schröder: Well firstly I think its fun to take part in things like the Colliii Awards. It is always exciting and I took part without really hoping too much to get a nomination.
Lots of competitions are based too far away from where I live, but with the Colliii Awards its easier. This year I also got an Ervera "seal of quality" for my Reborn babies which I was very happy to receive.
How did you decide which dolls to enter for the competition?

Beatrix Schröder: "Bella" has always been special for me as the kit looks a lot like my son "Mike". I always wanted to do a Reborn version of my son and 2 years have passed until I found the time to do it. I then got 2 Bella kits and made the time to do Mike, I also did a twin sister for him too!
How long have you been Reborning dolls for?

Beatrix Schröder: I started back in November 2007 after seeing Reborn dolls only a few months earlier. I never knew that they even existed but I soon realised that it was something that I wanted to do as I have always been interested in artistic pursuits. I had to take my time though, to save up and also to inform myself some more. Just as I was about to get ready to start my mother (who was a passionate doll collector) died and I had to put it all aside for a while. But in November 2007 I started and since then I no longer paint on canvas but vinyl. What is going to happen with the finished reborns that have been nominated?

Beatrix Schröder: I sell the reborns that I make although I sometimes like to keep them for a while.I am normally so busy with the production of the dolls that there is isn´t too much time left afterwards. I mostly reborn for customers which isn´t always easy to time manage. I wont be selling my "Mike" nor my first ever Reborn which was a Vivien from Evelina Wosnjuk kit.
I was very proud of my Vivien even if I only painted 3 coats on her. She always makes me smile and she helps me to see how far my work has come since then! You used to give Reborn courses. Do you still do that? If not are you going to start again?

Beatrix Schröder:  For the time being I wont be doing courses as I just dont have the time. I am very busy with other things such as doing proto-types. I always need a lot of time to plan the courses and the courses themselves run for 2 and a half days and often mean long nights too. The courses have a lot of background work too, I need to prepare food and drinks for the people and the whole act is quite time consuming. It is a lot of fun to do the courses so who knows what the future will bring. As soon as I have any courses planned they will be announced on my website.

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