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Saturday, February 18, 2012


so, i have come up with this fantastic idea to promote and advertise my Wit & Whimzy Reborn Nursery.

idea 1st started with me figuring out a way to display my sons image on/or near my reborn of him.without having to hold or carry a picture of him.

so, i was thinking about putting his image on a onzie.

which sent me into 2 different places i have accounts and can customize  clothes.
i hoped they would have  baby body suits (or as commonly refered to as Onzies). has Baby Body Suits from 0-3 months, all the way up to 24 months. PERFECT! (represented in the image above)
started my idea there. got it all worked up, and ran into a snag when i realized theres about a bajillion steps to posting your product on the storefront...a bit technical.
i originally had wanted to use my favorite site for customizing clothes which is: but their infant clothes start at 6-9 months. nothing below that. and i believe goes up to 24 months as well.
well, as much as i dont like having to go UP in the clothing, i created some babywear there. and, have had no issue with them uploading (with one button publishing, ya hearing me!?!?!) to that storefront.

so, i have several items up on my storefront there. and am continuing to create different things.
such as: HOLIDAY WEAR.

yup, what the heck? someone might want to buy or get a simple baby body suit for their reborn that expresses the holiday.
and i thought, whatever baby i sell, id slap one of those in, along with just a logo one, and theres 2 outfits that have my reborn nursery name on them.

i also, along the lines of thinking about my sosns custom baby body suit, with his newborn image on it, thought it would be a nice gesture to put in every sale, a custom reborn baby body suit with that particular doll on it (like my sons image) to show off the baby on a onzie.
or if im commissioned to do a put that particular babys pic on the onzie as i have done my sons, and let that baby have that as a piece of advertizement, and sharing.

what mother wouldnt like their infants face on the front of a onzie that the commissioned doll will be wearing when they arrive at the house of the mother? its a great way to show off how much the doll looks like the original child.

but moreover, its a way to spred my Nursery name around, and give another clothing option to the new mommy.

 when i have my custom of my son daniel done, and have purchased a baby body suit, ill have another post of what im talking about.


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