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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


'My Crazy Obsession": Woman creates life-like baby dolls


The season finale of My Crazy Obsession airs this Wednesday, taking us into the world of a woman who has created and collected more than 1,800 baby dolls.
Lynn Katsaris has gone from doll collecting to doll-making, building her empire of dolls to an epic level that is steadily approaching 2,000 dolls. In her 12 years of doll making, Katsaris has built a family of very real looking dolls, all of which live with her and husband Bob in their Arizona home.
“Realism, that’s the goal,” said Lynn. “The more realism there is, the better it is.”
Katsaris has spent several years building and selling her life-like baby dolls named Reborn Babies; the results of a project she launched in 1999.
The dolls are made with realistic facial expressions and they are even given names which suit their perceived personality and personal traits. The doll maker named one of them after her eldest son Bobby, due to the resemblance between the doll and her living son.
Man obsessed with being a baby
Katsaris has spent more than $25,000 of her own money building and developing the baby dolls that are so realistic, some of them even come with drool flowing from their little, pouty lips.
Her skill for learning the expressions of these little people goes back to her days visiting local maternity wards, where she studied newborns quite often.
“For a while I was going to hospitals and looking at babies but they won’t let me do it anymore,” said Lynn.  “I don’t know why, for all the nerve.”
With her visitation rights taken away, Lynn hasn’t lost her verve for building the baby dolls. She spends 10-15 hours a day creating her child-like masterpieces, selling some of them on her personal website.
Lynn takes viewers deep into her world, going behind the scenes into her home where the entire doll magic happens, almost daily.
The season finale of My Crazy Obsession airs Wednesday on TLC. Check your local listing for times.

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