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Monday, December 3, 2012


Reborn Doll Shop Opens Their Doors
After a much-anticipated waiting period, the Reborn Doll Shop has finally opened their doors and is ready for business., 12/03/2012 - After a much-anticipated waiting period, the Reborn Doll Shop has finally opened their doors and is ready for business. Whether you're a reborn doll artists, aspiring artist or just someone who's looking to own one of these ultra-realistic dolls, the Reborn Doll Shop has you covered. They were created by a small group of reborn artists and collectors who were looking to create a community-driven environment for reborn lovers to come together.The fact is that collecting reborn dolls is a growing hobby that has continued to rise in popularity in recent years. Not only are there millions of collectors in the U.S. and U.K., but the craze has spread into other countries as well. Now, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and even parts of Asia have jumped on board.
Even with this newfound popularity, trying to find reborn dolls for sale can be a challenge. You can visit doll shop after doll shop and still not find a single reborn, so where you supposed to get them from? This is where the Reborn Doll Shop steps in -- they've created a simple solution for people to find the exact type of reborn doll they want.
So, how exactly does the Reborn Doll Shop work? After visiting, you'll be able to select from a list of categories on the right-hand side of the page. These categories contain everything from boy and girl reborn dolls, to reborn doll kits, eyes and even hair. While some people are looking to buy an entirely new doll, others simply need a couple pieces to finish theirs. After clicking on the appropriate store category, you'll then be greeted with their up-to-date selection, at which point you can purchase the ones you like.
While offering the best selection of reborn dolls at the lowest price is their specialty, the Reborn Doll Shop also features loads of useful guides, how-tos and information on the hobby. If you're looking to build your very first reborn, you'll should follow their step-by-step instructions. They walk you through everything from stripping a vinyl doll of its paint and limbs, to applying over a dozen layers of heat-set paint and warming it in the oven. Some people may be thrown off with the reborning process, as it's certainly time-consuming and downright difficult at times. However, the people are the Reborn Doll Shop explain it in a way that nearly anyone can understand, regardless of your past experience.
Instead of spending 40+ hours piecing together a new reborn, the people over at the Reborn Doll Shop recommend using a kit your first time around. These kits contain paint, hair, limbs and everything else you need to make a reborn. The only extra thing that's required to use them is a traditional toy vinyl doll, which can be purchased from any toy or doll store for as little as $10 bucks. While these kits aren't going to give you the same high-quality level of detail and realism as a handmade reborn, they are still a fun and effective way to create your very first reborn, so give them a try today.
Jennifer Harris
Atlanta, GA

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