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Friday, June 13, 2014


not my work, this is the clay version of the kit ill be getting

so i inquired the kit supplier about when she thought shed ship my kit out, and her reply was, maybe tomorrow.

everyones prepping fro a huge doll show in NC. so theres no real telling. but i suspect it would go out by this weekend. hopefully. no worries, i think the shows only for a weekend, so by weeks start , maybe even mid week hed be shipped.

and hell have a tracking number..cant wait, cause i want to see how large he is to prep him for some cloths.

im STILL trying to figure out if i want him to be a girl, or a boy, he comes with a male belly plate..
hes so beautiful eitgher way to me, maybe ill make him gender neutral and when i feel the desire to make him a boy or girl, ill just put those clothes in him/her.

Not my work, shown for differences in skin color and gender.

i still need to figure out eyes for wanting brown eyes with green in them...more brown than green but not so it looks like that they are only brown, i want the green to be enough you can really tell the difference.

Eyes sources from Pabol Eyes (link below)

as you can see, theres allot to chose from, and to most ppl these all look the same.
but they all have slight differences in the make ,and everyone of these has a series of colors they are offered in, i chose the brown/green hazel ones, because im doing asriel as a bi-racial baby.

im wanting his eyes to be strikingly loely, when you see him/her, you just melt.
 of them all, i think i like CB the best...

i like the dark green ring around the  iris, and the  brown around the pupil. i think the balance of them both is good. so ill prolly purchase a pair of this eye.

im purchasing these acrylic eyes from PABOL EYES, and they have issues with their web page , but you can see allot of the designs and such on their Facebook page, which is where i sourced the images from to compare. 

ive gone back and forth, as well with his hair...
curly, leaning towards wavey.
dark, leaning towards dark.

i cant wait till the email lets me know hes on his so excited!

ill have WIP  progress images of him on here and on my Facebook page i do regular dolls at:
if youd want to join to watch his progress there, simply LIKE the page. :)

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