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Friday, December 26, 2014

I WON A REBORN CONTEST!! and i never expected i would.

a former member, and since returned to one of my groups had invted me to her page on facebook.

im not gonna lie, we have had an issue in the past and i really questioned the reason for the invite, but because i believe in the goodness of ppl, and want them to see the goodness in me, i accepted the invite.

when i did, i was told there was a contest going on for the new year and the prizes were going to be some newboen sized baby braclettes and a newborn sized necklace.

one of the rules was to write a resolution in 4 words of less, so i put something like:
"get back into reborning" or something similar, along that line of thinking.
because i really do want to get back into it. its been 2 years an its time.

so, i left it at that, never thought id ever win...had forgotten about it to be honest.

next thing i know a couple of days latter the owner contacts me in private to tell me im the winner!!!

i was shocked! litterally speechless! floored!! dumbfound!

i couldnt believe it, but it was the truth.

she got my info, and sent me the tracking numbeer the next ay, and i didnt believe in a million years within 24 hours from her upnorth to me here in the southern midwest area of the same country, id have that package!

so, when i heard the mailman run by the house, i went out to check the mail, as its holiday time and i wanted to make sure no one took anything that may be of value in my mailbox (not that ive heard anyone having it happenon my street, i was just being cautious) i opened the mail box up to find a box. and it was from the owner of that group! and it was the ONLY mail IN the box!

so, i rushed inside, grabbed my ipad mini, and took pics of everything from the package itself, to the packaging, to yhr tiniest details on the items.

and these things are stunning! absolutely beautiful!
i wish my camera would have better quality, as good as it is, it still cant capture the essence of these items, in all seriousness!

so, i took some pics, promised id share them on my facebook, in the group, and in this blog.

heres the images:

i have a NOOR kit i just got, as part of my Christmas gifts. and i was planning on trying some new air dry paints out on him. and planned on making him a boy, he just looks like a boy. and the one bracelet that has the boy charm on it, id put on him.


if i ever make reborns again, ill use these on my dolls for display in photo shoots. i think it would add a very sweet appeal to the pics.

the lady whos page i was invited to also sells these.
if your also interested in purchasing them, just go to: (closed group, youll have to ask to join)
*NOTE* cover image subject to change at any time.*

youll want to message a woman named MONICA JEANNE BELL for orders:

im unsure of her personal email. so i cant add that here. but if you have facebook, just hit the facebook liks ive provided and youll be all set to  speak with her and make any orders.

i love these things! i think they are so pretty, and dainty, and would look great on a reborn doll.
they are NOT intended for any REAL infant, as they do have small parts that can be pulled off and choke a baby, so be mindful of that if you think youd want to have anything for a real inafnt, id just go with the plain bracelets which, are equally as stunning without the baubles on them. any baby would look great in these just plain.  :)


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