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Monday, July 18, 2011


so, ive had this idea for a while. reborning dolls.
finding the RIGHT doll to do has been a challenge. simply because starting out is a bit costly.

ive already got a set of ORANGUTAN heads (no body, limbs, hair, etc), as well as a set of CHIMPANZEE heads (same as the others, no body, limbs, etc) to make my OWN (and keep, sorry but i MUST keep SOMETHING, lol) REBORN dolls when i get really good at it.

i figured im a pretty good artist, or was, anyway when i wasnt an artist at theory, i had the talent, i just never went anywhere with it.
and deep inside myself i still desire to paint. and ultimately, i desire to have my art work hang in a gallery somewhere, where people will look at it and comment to each other about an actual art show..thats the bucket list dream ,anyway.

the  ideal, for me, in MY art, was trying to make a flat 2-D image "pop" out and seem real enough to touch...being new and not that good at actually being an artist, i didnt achieve that end result...i did pretty good for a kid of 18 who had never painted before, and KNEW i had this in painting the painting i did of the chimpanzee (its been a theme of my life to adore primates) i did. my teacher, at the time in high school (Mr Barry Weinstein) sent my artwork (or a picture of it) to a national arts award institution, to which for the year of 1985, i won for my painting.
a kid, who had a dream to paint people, won an award for her lack of experience.

i STILL have that painting. tucked away in the very room im writing this in, within reach of easy access in case of a fire. its one of the few items id never be able to live without if i lost it.

THAT painting, has fueld the desire to continue in art.
to continue to desire to collect primate art. yes, you read that right. i own an original GORILLA painting, done by one of the Gorillas at the Oklahoma City Zoo.

when i went to pick the painting up at the ga;;ery. yeah, thats irony huh? a primates made the gallery before, i was showing off MY painting and was told by the gallery attendant, i should consider getting back into painting again.
well, that of course, set my brain in paint primates, and give some of the proceeds to charities that help preserve them.

sometime before this, i had discovered reborn dolls. if im not mistaken it was through an article i saw come through some online news in my email.
and was delighted to see, that there is offered PRIMATE prototype heads in Chimpanzee, and orangutang. someday i hope to see a baby gorilla done...maybe ill be the one to create that one.

while we struggle with finances, this dream is a long one in the making.
making these babies isnt cheap. under any circumstances.
and on can find any doll between 100-2000.00. seriously.
so, i scan the market looking for the cheapest way to do this, to start out, anyway.
never know, i might just completely suck at this...never know.
i paint, but i CANT  graffiti...seriously, one art doesnt always cross over to another.

so, because i painted a chimp, doesnt mean i can emulate one on a 3-d surface.
but thats the dream.

as i look for a cheap way, i have found BERENGUER dolls, that some reborn artist have taken and made look amazingly realistic!!

heres what im talking about:
this is what the doll looks like originally:
and just the head

looks like a doll...nothing special about it.

until, the artist, takes it and reborns it, and this is the same doll type redone as a reborn..amazing.

the quality is amazing to e, how it looses that "doll" look and has been converted into a "baby".
THIS is my new favorite art form.

so, i seek out BERENGUAR dolls. on ebay. as you can get one, or more, for as little as 20.00.
new in the box, they run an average of 30.00-40.00 a doll.

that cost has to be rolled into the total cost of the doll...of course, but whats 40.00-50.00 dollars to get about 200.00 in the end? if you can accommodate that price...everything you do to one of these dolsl has to be rolled into the doll...everything.

im really anxious to get this going.

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