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Saturday, July 30, 2011


so, i have this allot of other reborn artists do (and have, and actually utilize) to have a web page for my display of artwork in realation to reborning kits and dolls.

so, in order to do this, i have to research who all the kit makers are...and what kits have been produced, because MY timeline is right here, right now, and certainly there have been other works done BEFORE now...this becomes a challenge.

so im looking online and come across a website i cant remember the name and ive taken it off my browser (never do that until youve bookmarked it) I FOUND IT! (thank goodness Firefox has session saver!)
anyway, it had almost every reborn artist thats ever been around listed.
but one fault i noted was it wasnt a current list of kits available.
or that had even ever been offered. which was quite dissapointing.

so, my idea was this, and it, in and of itself will be quite the challenge, is soo have a section of pages, ny kit artist who have produced, produce and will produce kits for the reborn artist.

giving credit AND exposure to the kit artist.
whoever has done a fantastic job at the reborning and is the image chosen, will be the artist who reborned as a display.

there will be a bio about each artist -if i can find one, or get one somewhere.
and then images of each blank kit, and what they have the potential to be as a reborned doll.
different people see different things, i like to see the differences.
it helps people who may want to custom a doll. to be able to make a better choice if they see the same doll in different views and styles.
straight hair, no hair, whifs of hair, full hair...
blue eyes, brown eyes, black eyes
boy and girl...
like that.

im still trying to decide the name of this website for reborning...

i have always been a fan of the phrase: WHIT and WHIMSEY...and im leaning towards that as a web name. (if its available).
my reasons are because im thinking im leaning, myself more on the side of Monkey reborn dolls...but ill do humans as, WHIT and WHIMSEY is kinda magical, fun, light hearted. the way i feel my page should be projected.

craig says he likes the name with a "Z" and a "Y" on the end: WHIMZY

i looked online for anyone using any varient of WHIT and WHIMSEY/WIT AND WIMSIE/ WIT AND WIMZIE, and any other ways i could imagine to spell it and rearrange the letters, and no one owns it yet!
so, im gonna own it.
and its gonna be the name of MY reborn doll sight.

i have emailed several of the artists as i can find them online.
amazes me that allot of these artists who are so good at the craft of creating these kits done even have a web page to showcase the art they have produced.
so finding emails for them, is well, nearly impossible. and makes the task of highlighting them that much harder.

im still waiting on reply for those whom i have emailed.

ill pray they see this as a kind gesture no copyright infringements intended. and a way to showcase and enlighten others, like myself who have been in the art, or are stepping in for the 1st time.

i really like the idea of having a consolidated area where theres a concise listing of  kits that have been abd are available for the consumer.

so far 2 artists have replied. man! prayers work pretty fast! came in as i was writing about hoping they would write back! lol

ok, so...craigs gonna domain the name WIT and WHIMZY. when he has the cash.
9$ for that domain.

for right now were gonna sub domain under my domain now that i have which is
so for right now the web page, as its being set up and created and thought out will be something like:

im really having a hard time deciding if i want it to stand alone on its own without my name on it, or actually have my name included...
like this:

either way the idea stands. and im gonna try to make this happen..


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