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Monday, August 8, 2011


The EMMA KIT, reborn by Chelles babies. NOT MY WORK.

DENISE PRATT KIT: EMMA artfully done by: Chelles Babies.


so, i went to go see if emma and byron were still listed on, and saw that the sellout for EMMA was at a HIGH...means there are very few kits available.
Byron, has never had that note as long as i have been watching him.

so, i told craig. i NEVER see emma listed, it was  a coincidence (if you believe in that kinda thing) that she happened to be listed at the time of craigs paycheck.

so i said. shell sell out and i dont have any idea when shell be back in stock.
i reminded him, my original plan was to get 2 byrons, and discussed with him the option to swap one out and just have one byron and an i could get both of them...
and he asked if i would be ok in just getting emma, and waiting on byron.

SURE! shes gonna be gone sooner than the next paycheck...if hell let me get her, then i say..GO FOR IT!
so, he did.
he let me buy her.

hes a good husband. hes a REALLY good hubby. lets me endulge, often in my artistic endevours (as long as the pay stub will allow) and puts his own things on the back burner to allow me to be happy...cant really ask for more than a good husband who wants too see his wife happy.

and maybe ill be good enough at this to get some cash flow in the home, and do something i like doing. well see.
my mainc-depression, bi-polarism often has me start projects, but rarely ever completing them, because i get bored so easily with the routine. im hoping this isnt the same thing. i could really make some good cash flow from this if i do really well at it.

im trying to break into this industry, and its gonna take some cash upfront (what doesnt , right? lol) to get started in this.
but if i have the kits, i can at least have them sitting, staring at me, yo try to make some cash flow off of.
emma, might be the 1st baby i actually sell.

i really dont have that much attachment to her. i mean, im not endered to her. she hasnt "touched" me in any way to make me want too keep her, so for the most part, ill take pics AS i work on her and  have her be my 1st baby ill sell and use her as a part of my PORTFOLIO of reborn babies i have done.

so, within a week, EMMA will be here at my house.

i guess id better figure out a name for

seems other reborn artists take a kit and make it into a reborn baby and then name it something else...

i should find a name that means 1st, or number one, or  something along those lines.

i just went to a baby naming site and punched in the meaning One, and FIRST and it lead me to ADAM, which made me think of EVE...

so, i think ill name EMMA, EVE
maybe even something like EVE-EMMA, or a derivitaive of them both that sounds good together.

looking online ive fund this:

Meaning- LIFE
Origin- HEBREW
From the Hebrew name Chava, which was derived from the Hebrew word Chai "life". In the Genesis, Eve was the first woman, wife of Adam and "the mother of all that lives". It is her role as a mother that is put forward in this name.

EMMA (the kits name)
Emma might be a form of Erma, a short form of various names which begin with the Germanic element Erm(en), Irm(en) which can mean 'strong' but is more literally translated as "whole" or "universal".
For some, it is a diminutive of Emmanuelle

im thinking EVELYN-EMMA sounds good.

and if i do that, all dolls would have the original kit name in them to represent the kit.
or i could do it as EMMA-EVIE..using the kit name as the first part of the name, to designate its original name.

would be easier to do it as a second name, less likelihood of confusion, because i can pick any other name as the 1st name, then designate the later name as the original kit name to make the distinguishing reference to it, (in the even anyone ever asks. "what kit was that?")

So, EVELYN-EMMA it will most likely be, then.

and my web page idea, will begin with her when she has been done.
shell also be a part of my personal bio on the page as the 1st kit i ever did.
if i sell her, id ask the patron take a picture of themselves with her to show how she will be taken care of  in her new home.

as part of my bio, as well.

i mean, she IS the 1st of many (i hope to come)

so i guess wre in the NEW PREGNANCY stage of this whole reborning thing right now.
we just got "pregnant" waiting for the time to go by enough to see  an "ultrasound" of her (the arrival of her kit)
and then as i work on her, he phases of gestation, until the moment she is completed and "REBORN". sure hope it doesnt take 9 months, lol

unless i keep her, because shes my 1st, im just a "surrogate mother" lol.
creating babies for others to adopt and love on.
EMMA Kit: done by Chelles Babies. not my work.

EMMA kit, Done artfully by: Chelles Babies. Not MY work.

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