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Thursday, August 4, 2011

PURCHASED A PREEMIE BABY BOY OUTFIT (With a Monkey on it, of course, lol)

we finally got paid...felt like friggin FOREVER too! 2 weeks went on like a years worth...not sure why, maybe because of the intense heat here in oklahoma this summer...

but FINALLY, craig got some money back in his bank account, so we went shopping for school supplies for my 17 year old son..(WOAH! i just registered that phrase! HES 17! MAN! *shed a small tear*) and some groceries.

we had to walk right beside the infant section to make it to the other side of the store for some other things, and i stopped, looked for the preemie section, hoping id see something in MICRO PREEMIE...becasue im trying to find my BYRON kit soemthing cute to wear that has a monkey on it...
well, i never saw anything in MICRO PREEMIE, but i did find preemie...
and a cute little outfit to try and see if BYRON would, or wouldnt fit in it when im done crafting and painting him.

its a sleeper/ play outfit.

it has a monkey on the chest:

and the CUTEST little footies that are monkeys as well!

its a CARTERS outfit, that when i go to the web site, isnt even listed on there...

so, the idea is too see if when i complete BYRON he fits in it, if not, i have an outfit for a slightly larger baby in a preemie size then.


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