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Friday, April 13, 2012


Crazy Talk: Blue Ivy Is Fake

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  • Ready Set Gossip has eight points of "proof" (if you use a very, very loose definition of the word) that Beyoncé and Jay-Z's baby, Blue Ivy Carter, is a fake. And there's now an equally unconvincing and conspiracy-theory-inspired YouTube video to go along with it.
    Highlights of the video include this:
    The legs and arms are in the same position. Not one change of position.
    A big cover over the baby in the hot. How smart is that? Or is it a baby?
    A hot day but still wrapped up. That baby must be hot. Or is it a baby?
    It's hot but the baby is wrapped in fur. Wow, Beyonce, if that baby was real it would be dead.
    We're not sure when all these stifling hot days were during the winter and early spring days of Blue Ivy's life. Or why protecting an infant from the glare of the paparazzi isn't seen as a reasonable excuse for bundling her up.
    In any case, the dramatic conclusion is that Blue Ivy is a very realistic "reborn baby doll." The creators of the video purport to provide proof in the form of photos of other such toys.
    Watch the video, from Ready Set Gossip.         
  • may i conjecture here...if in fact beyonce' does have a 'fake baby' out in public, could it NOT be for the reason to shove off the paparazzi AWAY from her daughter? the pics in People Mag, seem real enough to me. 
  • but, to be fair, i do recall someone on something, saying they were commissioned by some celebrity to make a reborn. and thats all they could say. couldnt tell for whom. or why. so, maybe THIS is the reborn. one never knows. anything can happen in hollywood.

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