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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Reborns - How Adollable!

When I say the word reborn, most people raise a brow. They look completely perplexed. According to recent articles such as "Dr. Phil Explores Reborn Dolls, Reborners and Other Obsessions," sales on reborn dolls have gone up drastically since they were first discovered in the early 1990's. However, after asking numerous people if they knew what a reborn doll was, most said they had no idea. So, what is a reborn doll, how does an artist create them, and who buys them?
Certainly these dolls are becoming increasingly popular, but some people still have not heard of them. For those who have not, a reborn is a doll that an artist strips of all its factory paint and then repaints to look as much like a real baby as possible. Many have veins, capillaries, birthmarks, milk bumps, and some even have baby scratches. Most artists will micro-root the doll's hair. This is a long process of inserting one to two hairs into the scalp at a time. The artist then seals the hair on the inside of the doll's head. Once the baby is complete, it will then have its head, body and limbs weighted with glass beads and will finally be assembled finally becoming what most refer to as a reborn doll.
Another technique, usually called newborning but many use interchangeably with reborning, is where the artist takes a blank kit, and then adds several layers of translucent paint in order to make it look as much like a real baby as possible. An artist can find these kits at several websites online. The artist creates this doll in the same way as the doll previously mentioned but without having to prepare the vinyl surface first. This makes it easier to reborn and adds more realism due to the amazing sculpts that are now available.
In addition to the vinyl reborn dolls, there are also silicone reborn dolls. These are far more realistic than their vinyl counter parts. Usually, they are made of platinum baby soft silicone, which feels as close to human skin as you can get artificially. Because silicone babies are made of this soft, high-quality material, they are very flexible. This is far different from vinyl dolls. Silicone dolls have movable fingers, toes, and mouths. However, a vinyl doll is harder to the touch and does not have flexible parts. Most buyers think about price as well as quality and realism when adopting one of these babies and therefore, the vinyl dolls usually have more sales due to their lower cost.
Typically those who purchase these precious dolls are women and for a variety of reasons. Some are doll collectors while others may have emotional problems due to the loss of a child or the inability to conceive. These type of dolls offer comfort and can help these women heal emotionally.
Of the women who buy these babies, most will notice a wide range of prices in the reborn world. These prices vary from $100.00 to over $2,000. Amazingly enough, I had previously seen one go for $22,600.00 on eBay. That is a lot of money for a doll, but if the artist is good enough, it can be worth it to the buyer.
Alas, reborn dolls are wonderful creations, made by very skilled artists who add several layers of paint in order to make these baby dolls come to life, so to speak. Numerous sites offer these life-like dolls and for a wide range of prices. Finally, the purchase of one of these bundles of joy can add to a collection for some people while filling a void in the hearts of others.
Beth R. Brookes
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