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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


How to care for a Reborn Doll

Reborn Dolls are a special type of collectible doll.  Makers of these dolls  use to take old baby dolls , and remove any paint or hair, then they would be reborned.   Today  in the practice of reborning, a new kit is used, which  some tend  to call  Newborning.  Reborning/Newborning means  to take a  new vinyl doll kit and make  that kit  looks nearly life-like.

The realism that some artist are able to obtain is totally amazing!  Most kit costs  are in the range of  $100.00 each,  which makes this a very expensive art.   Some kits  have been know to sell for for a considerable amount more.

Blushing and  molting painting techniques and mohair give the doll it's realistic look, and  once they are completed and  ready  for  sale they can cost up to $4,000 per doll.  Once you have a doll this attractive and valuable you are going to need to  take care of it to maintain it's delicate beauty.  These  are collectible dolls, and are not intended for  children.

                                            Instructions... Things You'll Need
  • Soft Cloth
  • Comb
  • Soft Infant Brush
  • Non-toxic soap
  • Cotton swabs
1.  Cleaning Your Doll Remove clothing from the doll gently. Take care when moving and cleaning the doll to prevent damage. Wash clothing on the gentle cycle of your washing machine and  Dry clothing  thoroughly before redressing your doll.

2.  Wash the skin carefully with non-toxic soap and cotton swabs. Moisten one end of the cotton swab and use it to gently wipe crevices and behind the ears. Use the dry end of the cotton swab to wipe away any water. Wipe the larger areas with a baby wipe or a soft cloth to clean away any dust and dirt.

3.  Brush hair with the soft infant brush to remove any dust.  Gently comb the hair, then after the doll is properly covered.   you may use a small amount of  leave-in conditioner,  making sure to wipe off any excess conditioner with your soft cloth to prevent seepage into the body or damage to the bare skin of the doll.  Do not pull the hair as it has been hand-rooted and secured by a  sealant on the inside of the head.

4.  Replace clothing once dried, being careful of the joints.  Make sure that the clothing  dyes do not run, as this will cause damage to the vinyl of the doll.  Arrange the cleaned doll in its display area, being careful to not put the joints in stressful positions that can cause damage.   All that is left to do now enjoy!

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