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Sunday, August 5, 2012


i make reborn dolls, and i frequently look at other artists renditions of kits i have done, or would like to do, and came across this picture.

she a kit im familiar with only online, i have never done her myself, but. thats not what impressed me about the picture.
it was her shoes. look at them! 

at first i thought, MAN! how much time it must have taken to embellish those tiny shoes just to sell a doll, AMAZING!

then i had a thought.
why couldnt she have bought material, that kind that LOOKS like it has sequins on it, but doesnt. 
comes in every conceivable color there is...

and make a pair of really cute bling shoes???

so, my quest brought me THIS online tutorial (not mine)

Tutorial: Fabric Baby Shoes

For this project you will be using 2 fabrics to create the baby shoes.  Choose your first fabric and iron the interfacing with the paper side up. (the glue web should be placed on the “wrong/backside” of the fabric).

I have trimmed the fabrics down to approx 6”x12” for this shoe size.

Iron each section for 3 seconds until interfacing is applied to the fabric.  Once this is done move to the next fabric and repeat the same steps.

Now that the interfacing is applied peel away the paper liner to reveal the newly interfaced fabric.

Then place your fabric onto your cutting mat interfacing side down.

Ok Now you are ready to cut.
I arranged the pattern according to the image below in order to minimize waste.

Click the send to Silhouette button, select your fabric cut settings and cut out your shoe pattern.

Now that your shapes are all cut out you are ready to put them together.

Pin both patterned arches to each other face sides together as shown in the image to the right.  This will form the top part of the shoe. 

Then sew the inside of the arches together.

Open the arches and bring face sides together at the ends of the arches and sew together. 

The next step is to turn the fabric face side out.  Then iron the arches together.  This will form the top part of the shoe.  The interfacing that you used will help the two fabrics to stay together. 

You will also want to iron the soles of the baby shoes together.  Place the interfacing sides of the soles together and iron for a few seconds.

Pin the sole of the shoe to the top piece inside out and sew around the edge.  Once that is completed turn the shoes right-side out.

You will also want to stitch the strap and hook and loop tape on at this point if you have not already done so.

Aren't these the cutest little shoes EVER!  *screech* I just need a little one to put these on. ;)  I will have a pdf posted on the website soon as well as more sizes in the online store.  

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