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Monday, February 3, 2014


andreas a close friend of mine, here in oklahoma city, and im doing a doll for her for free.
completely free.

im buying the kit, the materials to make the doll, the eyes, the hair, everything is coming at an expense to me.
why? because im also making her another doll, also free, but could make me a lot of money just from the exposure of the thing. the other doll is a ZOMBIE..

Andreas a writer, and is seeking an agent to publish her trilogy.
and shes writing a book, i helped inspire about a zombie.

so i thought to help her along, id make her a doll...
so we went through the same proccess i do with every customer, i ask if they want an open eyed doll, or a closed eyes doll..she wanted open, so i showed her a selection of several kits, and she chose the ELLIOT kit.

which i have and have been working on when i have the time.

 shes named this doll: ROSE MARIE (Elliot kit is a preemie sized doll)

not too long ago, i asked her if shed want another doll, one she could actually take places, not that she cant Rose Marie, but she WILL get stared and ppl concerend for the welfare of the child, and it could cause some, i asked if shed want another baby that was ..human.

she said yes, so we went through that proicess for this doll, and chose the MILO kit..

well, it happens that somewhere between me checking the site i get kits from and yesterday, they cancelled this particular kit. and are not going to produce it anymore.

youd think, if your on the mailing list they could at least email you and let you know, and then have a sale on the last few..but i never got a word about it, i found out by scrolling through my Facebook feed and seeing another artist ask about the kit, and some comments that followed were to confirm hes been taken off the site and no longer available. which sucks, cause i was gonna do him for andrea.

so, today i had her go through the process again...
and she chose : PUNKIN

now, note the theme of these dolls, all of them are opened eyed, and...OPEN MOUTHED...
she apparently likes the open mouth, not sure why, not even sure she realizes it, but every kit she appeals to, has an open mouth like these two she was debating between.

both of these are NewBorn in size...she liked the mouth on CAMRYN, and the EYES on i suggested PUNKIN, which kinda matches them both in those areas, and shes a slight bit smaller, but, over all will fit most clothes that andrea buys for this baby.

and, THIS a boy..already named: CONNER.

so, as soon as i can, ill purchase that kit for this doll.

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