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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

ORDERED 3 KITS : CRYSTAL, CALEB, and ELIZA and they have arrived.

so, last week i ordered 3 kits. 3 baby kits, i intend to make into regular babies.
and they have arrived.

i just LOVE her expression! and..her chunkiness! shes a chunky baby!

heres a look at her legs pre paint:
bought her for myself, because i love this sculpt, and have, since it showed up on the site i get all my kits from, obsessed over this one. had the chance to snag her up, so i did, thankfully! 

About 21 inches long
vinyl head, 3/4 length vinyl legs, and full vinyl arms.
Crystal uses 20mm eyes.

so shes an inch shorter than daniel was at birth, yet to me, has about a 3 month look to her face.

i also bought

hes a Micro Preemie baby, at just 14 inches in length.

heres his
14 inches long, 
vinyl head, 3/4 length vinyl legs, and 3/4 length vinyl arms.

and lastly:


i love her expression as well. i think her smile is so sweet. i bought another one of these kits ages ago, to make into a vampire baby. 

heres Elizas 

 22 inches long, 
Vinyl head, 3/4 length vinyl legs, and 3/4 length vinyl arms.

Eliza wears 0-3 month size clothing.
*i have a hard time finding that to true, i havnt had to dress her yet myself, but daniel (my son, in real life) was 22 inches long when he was born, and wore Newborn stuff, so well have to see about that.*

The correct eye size for Eliza is 20mm half round.

so my intention at the moment is to reborn all 3, well maybe Eliza, & Caleb, i think i wanna keep Crystal, and have them at my store for ppl to buy. well see how well the market goes for a reborn at an indoor flea markt, may never move an inch, and that would be fine as well, id like to have some reborns out displaying baby clothes as well.

so its gonna be one, or the other, or...both, i can have them on display, and then sell them as well. nothing wrong with that.

when i have some space in my room here, ill take pics of them in my own setting...:)
and, of course, Works IN Progress (WIP) pics along the way as well.

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