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Friday, February 28, 2014

IM WANTING TO MAKE AN ALIEN DOLL ..thinking the IRELYN kit is a great modle for this idea

part of the name i have for this side of my doll business is so i can do the kooky and strange stuff, and NOT be gothic, or animal related. i have  pages on Facebook for those, as well as associated blogs.

theres a kit, called IRELYN, that has the strangest look to me...just outside of, 'odd'

and ive been thinking what could i do to her, to make her have a unique and  loveable appeal?

and i was thinking about using some airdry apints, basically arylic paints, and  painting her.

and it came to mind, to  make her into an alien.

she has these HUGE eyes...
which if you had the right eyes for, oh say, an all black, with black iris & pupol, or even a shimmery, or metalic, shed start to resemble an alien.

id just have to find these not thinking i have actually seen anything like an entire eye thats metalic, and or shimmery.

but heres her kit.

so, most doll suppliers dont make alien eyes, which they should, because most doll artists have to make those on thier own, by using some random eye and creating  an alien oye out of what they have somehow.

one site i use has a whole vast array of eyes, bit not a single alien type one..

closest i got was this kind, which can have a black base (to us thats the white part of the eye) its called DARK MATTER< and i think with the all black base part, THIS would look pretty sweet as an alien eye, not sure, may still resemble to close to a humans eye.

i CAN, if i chose to do so, have them custom make me an eye as well

using this eye template i can create anything id like.
and the page says this:
Custom Order Eyes~
I will take custom commissions, if you have a certain design you want just send over some example pictures or a detailed description if it’s a simple request.
All eyes can be ordered with or with out pupils in any color.
I can do pupils in most any colour.
Eyes can be done in glow in the dark, metallic, shimmer, shine or matte.
I can do almost any color or design.
I can do all sizes from 8mm to 24mm. (26mm can sometimes be done depending on stock)
Custom Eyes start at 16.00 a pair for acrylics

 so, basically, i can say..i want an all dark metallic eye, no pupil, black base (or the same metalic as the pupil and iris would be) and i SHOULD be able to get it.

id want her to have something along the lines of this for eyes.
 while i rrealize her eye shape isnt anywhere close to this, i could simply say, shes hybrid. a human/alien hybrid.

id paint her with a grey color, and one of her last layers would be a very thin , few coats of, irridecent, to give her skin a slight shimmer in the riht light, yet keeping her gret tones intact and not over bearing them in any way.
just enough to give a "dewey" appeal to her skin, with a magical feel of a dusting of  sparkles.

she is half alien after all, lol

id most likely also make her a gray cloth body. or find some  slightly shimmer gret/irridecent material, and possibly use that id have to try to emmulate the same look (color, and shimmer) as the fabric in her skin. so the flow from her kit to her body would be seamless.

i never do undersatnd when ppl create a doll, let say a gorill, for instance which for the most part is done in balcks, and heavy browsn, and they leave a felsh toned cloth body on the doll. the idea of this doll being a real enity (real meaning as fluid and realistic as a doll can be) stops when the mind sees that disconnect from the vinyl to the cloth body. if the two dont match, then it takes, to me, the value of what that was made for away.

so, ill have to try to find some  slightly irridencent, gray material.
of course if shes half hybrid, she could be on the more human tones side, which makes finding anything iridescent that much harder because allot of peach fabrics wont come that way...*sigh*

someone made an alien kit, or announced they were at one point in 2011
which i had known about that when it was being made, id have prolly invested in this to do a few.

at any rate, this is an idea i have. so one day, ill actually make the thing. maybe even a few just to see how well they sell. :)

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