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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Interview with multi award winning doll artist Yvonne Walton 


English doll artist Yvonne Walton won 2 awards at the 2011 Colliii Awards and we have met up with this Reborn doll artist to bring you an exclusive interview. Read on to find out more about Cornish Babies... Congratulations on your success at the Colliii Awards 2011. Tell us a little about yourself...
Yvonne: My Name is Yvonne I am 55 years old & have 2 grown up children a son & a daughter. I live in the beautiful county of Cornwall in the UK on the cliff top overlooking the stunning North Cornwall coast. I have a Hotel so am extremely busy in the summer months, but spend the rest of the year persuing my passion for reborning. I also have a web site What motivated you to take part in the Colliii Awards 2011?
Yvonne: I followed the Colliii Awards for the last 2 years & was amazed at the standard of work & the amount of entries. I think this is a wonderful competition for the doll world & gives by far the best recognition for your work it has to be the most prestigious of all awards worldwide. I was hoping to be recognized in the doll world if I managed to get anywhere.
I won 2 small competitions during 2011 & thought maybe I was ready to try the Collii Awards this year but I never expected to even be nominated. It is an honor & great pleasure to have received 2 awards What are you going to do with little Daisy who won the prizes?
Yvonne: Sadly for me little Daisy has gone to Ireland to a collector, who absolutely adores her. I miss having her around. How long have been making dolls for and what got into interested in it?
Yvonne: I have been making dolls since February 2008. My Husband introduced me to the art, he saw a program on the TV & recorded it for me to watch later he thought I might be interested in it. As soon as I saw people making these lovely babies I wanted to try & make one myself. My husband bought my first kit for my birthday in February & I have been reborning ever since. How long did it take you for Daisy and what was her inspiration?
Yvonne: Daisy took me a couple of months to complete I wanted her to be as perfect as possible she is such a lovely sculpt so delicate & the detail on her is amazing, I had seen a few Daisy’s on the forums & ebay & fell in love with the sculpt I just felt that I could make a lovely baby from her. She looked so adorable. What is your motivation for Reborning dolls? Is it a nice hobby or does it go deeper?
Yvonne: I love reborning unfortunately it is just a Hobby for the time being as I have a Hotel also. I spend all my spare time reborning, researching & trying new methods, I am totally hooked & love every minute of the reborning process. I have always loved dolls & babies as a child I spent hours on my grandmothers Treadle Singer sewing machine making rag dolls & dolls clothes.
I love the way you can create a baby, the way they come to life in stages I fall in love with them all Reborning is a wonderful art it gives so much pleasure to me & hopefully to the people that adopt my babies.
I have a daughter who lives in America & she has 3 children who I have never seen…I wanted grandchildren so much & missed out on them as babies so I guess the babies I make fill that gap to a certain degree. It has helped me immensely. Where can people buy your work? Do you go to shows?
Yvonne: I only sell my babies on eBay at the moment but hope to do commissions as well, I take quite a lot of time to do one baby & like to have them around for a little while when they are finished. I have not been to any shows yet but hope to next year. What plans have you got for the coming year? Do you think about sculpting your own dolls?
Yvonne: My plans for the coming year are to improve on my babies as much as I can by learning & experimenting with new techniques & materials & of course enter the Colliii awards again. I hope to start some sculpting in the next 12 months but want to continue reborning as well. I may start doing commissions now I have the confidence, thanks to the Colliii Awards.

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