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Sunday, January 22, 2012


yup, im guessing those gorilla blank kits wont be coming out before my birthday, and times running out (if we consider shipping for all of this) for my birthday.

so, i asked hubby if that "ok" meant i could get the entire thing, as i had figured it all out WITH shipping.
and he said "yes", i did it.

i got everything i think id need to make my 1st custom of Daniel.
and hed be a highlighted doll on my webpage. and of course, id keep him hes NOT FOR SALE! lol

so i got the tory kit:
my son, Daniel, who will be my 1st custom doll.

Tory Kit, looks the closest to Daniel i could find

Polly fill (to stuff the body)

Panty Hose (to hold those tiny glass beads, which are used to weight the baby)

14 inch tie straps

8 inch tie straps

glass beads for weighting the body of the doll
Newborn Dark Blue 20mm eyes

True Blue 20mm Eyes

Newborn Deep Blue 20mm Eyes

Neck ring, used to have turnability of the head once on the cloth body

neck plug (used to keep stuffing and glass beads in the head)

Limb Plug x2 (used for keeping stuffing and glass beads in limbs)
Limb Plug x2 (used for keeping glass beads and stuffing in limbs)

ash blond hair with wave Mohair   
 what most people dont know about my son, and it still stands true todate, is right at his forhead hairline he has some blond hair ther, its slightly visible in the picture i provided, but most wont see it because they would just blend the color into the rest of his hair color.
but i know he has it, when his hair is cut just short enough to see it, and if, when he was an infant, id brush his hair just the right way, youd see that blond glow there and it was almost angelic.
so i ordered some blond.
still not sure if ill paint those wispy blond hairs, and not root them, but i wanted to have that option in case i did chose to root them.
dark brown wave Mohair

3/4th limb DOE SUEDE JOINTED LEG limb body
everything you see here, with a few pictured items in double...came to less than 150.00 INCLUDING shipping!

and its funny, i went to grab all these images for this blog post, and i noticed the tory kit went up 10.00. good timing!


im actually really ready to dive into doing this particular kit, because i think i can do this.
there si, im sure a learning curve, but im pretty confident i can master this, and actually make some money off of this.
not sure why i couldnt get off the ground with any of the other kits i own (15 others) but i couldnt.
perhaps its like when i draw, i have to have a picture to reference from in order to make that drawing come to life. all free hand.
and with this kit, i have pics of daniel to reference, so its , somewhat, to me, like painting a painting (in 3-D) of Daniel.
so, i have no fear, just excitement for this particular kit.

once i have done him, i think i can free-flow on the others.

im also, swelling up in my mind with all the details i need for a well pull-together web page.
so, ive been hunting that all down as well.
looking at many other reborn artists web pages too see whats most common on them.
how they handle navigation on those pages.
what they look like (which i am not sure YET, how mine will look).

so much to think about when your launching your hobby out there for the world to see and rate you on!


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