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Thursday, January 12, 2012


i finally decided to get a halogen heat cooker, because in all actuality i felt if i had the cooker near me, id have more control over the process of the baking a baby, then if i was to allow the baby to cook in my oven.

i also thought hard about the fact that there are fumes released as well, that can harm you over time if you use your oven.
and im not sure why that played any part of my deciding, cause we NEVER use the oven for anything, excpt too keep meals warmed and away from animals...but i decided i wanted a table top cooker instead of the oven as my form of cooking.

so, i scoured the net, found a good one that had a DIAL thermostat and DIAL timer (i read over and over that digitals broke down) and an EXTENDER RING, for as little as possible.

and we bought it.

couldnt wait for it to arrive so i could use it.

well, it arrived. and i had the thrill of taking it out and looking it over. these are some pics.

i have to commend this company for the way this item is packed! it was very difficult to pull out of the box. and nothing was broken.
lip, very heavy. has a dial thermostat and a dial timer (that dings when done)
pic of the extras in the pot
extras, theres allot in there.
other side of the bag holding the extras
exender ring..VERY important to have with your cooker. keeps the lid away from your vinyl, so it doent melt it.
glass basin. very heavy and thick.
base for the unit.
and here it is, with the small rack and the larger rack holding my teagan kit.

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